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Halo World Championship 2016 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

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Ok time to make some last minute predictions to speed up the wait


Group A: Allegiance (3-0), Liquid (2-1), Excel (1-2), Chosen Squad (0-3)


Could see Liquid potentially topping this group, that should be a good series. Can't see either Excel or Chosen Squad making it out of this group though.


Group B: Evil Geniuses (3-0), Renegades (2-1), Infused (1-2), Exile 5 (0-3)


What I have above is what I think is most likely, however, I believe RNG has a decent size chance at beating EG and topping the group. I also believe they have a decent chance of losing to infused and failing to get out of group play, they really are an up and down team.


Group C: Elevate (3-0), Denial (2-1), Immunity (1-2), Fabe (0-3)


Decided to predict an upset here, not sure what to make of Denial at this point. I can see them getting as high as second but I can also see them placing much lower. To me this is the most even and interesting group. Should be fun to watch all these series, especially because I think Immunity has a chance at getting out of this group (would be an even bigger chance if they didn't lose their captain right before the event).


Group D: CLG (3-0), Epsilon (2-1), Cloud 9 (1-2), SkyFire (0-3)


Only one series in this group really matters and that is between Epsilon and Cloud 9. I am predicting Epsilon to take a nail-bitting 5 game series.


Obviously the results of the random draw are really going to influence what happens here, so I am going to just ignore the potential draw and rank the teams by how strong I perceive them to be:


1st: CLG

2nd: EG

3rd: Renegades

4th: Allegiance

5th: Liquid

6th: Elevate

7th: Denial

8th: Epsilon


I think CLG is the clear #1 and EG is safely at #2. 3-5 I believe is really close as is 6-8. Good news is anything can happen come tournament time!

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Intro video was hype. The set looks fantastic. Also super pumped about the casters here, so glad that Bravo/Simms are back for this event!

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Awesome that we're finally here, but all discussion about talent and who is better than who, is he washed, etc.. pretty bummed Ogre 2 isn't competing today. Doesn't feel right that the biggest Halo tournament ever isn't represented by the GOAT.

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My group stage predictions:


Group A: #1 LIQ, #2 ALG

Group B: #1 EG #2 RNG

Group C: #1 ELV, #2 DNL

Group D: #1 CLG, #2 C9


The only one I can possibly see being different is Epsilon over Cloud 9, but C9 has really stepped it up these past few days in scrims.

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My predictions:


Group A



Chosen Squad



Group B






Group C






Group D






Liquid, EG, Elevate, CLG coming out of the round of 8 (if possible). CLG wins.

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Best timing and decision of your life!  Sex is never better then after that.



Just got back from my vasectomy. Got ice on my balls, beer in my hand and ready to lie on the couch and watch Halo all weekend.



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commercial on stream basically confirms that the MVP Trophy is made out of Mega Blocks.

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