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It's amazing Cratos has found time to sleep with so many forum member's sisters.


Or at least I can only assume that's why he's hated so much.

Nah he's an ass who runs his mouth, makes fun of people with cancer, claims he has the best shot in Halo when he clearly doesn't, etc. Not a bad player, but he makes it very hard to like him.

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I think I enjoy Strongholds more than TS (and maybe CTF) now for Halo 5, so fun to watch. Great gametype.

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These tournaments aren't exclusively for the eSports audience. People tend to forget that.


Those videos you're putting down came from people of other communities around the halo scene and they love seeing their stuff featured as it exposes them to more viewers. In turn, more of those types of videos get submitted.


I'm on the side of you guys, where I want more content to be shown. I work with what I have available.


I agree with that, entirely. But when people are tuning into competitive Halo, it is an abrupt change of pace when there is extremely jarring environment change with content.


You guys have a stream every month AND bulletins that could be used to showcase all these different areas of the community. People in the chat are laughing at 60%+ of the current content on stream.


We don't want more content to be shown, we just want different content to be shown. For an example, I have enjoyed some of the Jumping Community and Warzone montage videos. I'm subscribed to tons of Forgers/Jumpers/Minigame/Lore YouTubers but when I tune into HCS I don't want to see that, I want to see competitive Halo.


I love seeing these videos being promoted in the appropriate outlets.

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wow!, this is great hopefully we get to see more of this.



inb4 @@DaneCook says "...:" :(

I'm done with that. I know it was overkill. 


Big props to you for coming around regarding Denial. 

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