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You all need to remember that TOURNAMENT MONEY are the main source of income in relation to Halo for a lot of players. It's not LoL where every player has a LOT of viewers (ADS, DONATIONS, SUBS), sponsors that actually make them money, a league which pay their players + advertise, and orgs help keep things much more stable. When the average Halo pro needs to rely on the prize pool of a tournament to make a "living," or when the majority of money is tied to it then things like this ARE going to happen

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People really need to stop saying this. Team drama is only entertaining to the hardcore Halo scene followers. No one else gives a shit. They probably think it's dumb and makes them less prone to caring about Halo teams.

Exactly. People who don't really follow the scene don't know the teams, maybe at best know like 1-2 players, don't know the rivalries, etc etc. And so team changes that are super juicy and interesting to us don't really mean anything to them, other than making it all seem more confusing and harder to follow. Which makes them less likely to get involved in the scene.

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Personally I think everything you said is all speculation with no evidence. Cyren just posted that the page views today have been enormous. Look how many pages have been added to this thread since 24 hours ago. This is generating HUGE amounts of traffic and hits for competitive halo. This is a good thing.

That doesn't argue at all what he said. People who are using this site are very dedicated. 95% of people who will watch Halo don't care enough to follow on this site.

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