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Although I get it, wishing failure on me when I've dedicated a majority of my life to this, during the biggest year of Halo ever is pretty petty/childish, but meh.


Sorry that I didn't feel comfortable with that team from the start.


I think people understand it's a business, I think people would have preferred you to have apologized (or at least faked it) regarding the whole team situation over the last few months, wished TL the best of luck (which you did) and talk about how you are excited for the new squad etc (which you also did)..


It really comes down to looks, even if you don't care about it, you do have fans out there and if you are serious about making a career out of this for the coming years it's important to have those when looking to grow your own brand.

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As for the blind hate on me, that's fine. I know my abilities, and I know the ability that this team has. Sorry that it's not what you wanted, but it's what I wanted, and the decision is ultimately up to me.


Love your attitude toward improving, and you've shown throughout H2A you know what a roster actually needs to succeed, regardless of people saying "There are no roles in Halo."


I don't think anyone can truly fault you for making a move from Liquid to a team with Heinz, who had been in every single H2A Grand Finals until CLG finally passed Denial at the end of S2...APG, who OpTic kneejerk dropped Aries to pick up claiming he was "The best player in the game" at the time, and Pistola who is and forever will be The Wizard, and even after coming back from a broken hand was dominating individually at tournaments.


If you stop playing like a risky idiot I'll like you even more.

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Fuck it man, focus on improving, getting better and winning as a team, you got a great Squad there and a great Org(here is hoping nV doesnt pull anything shady), all it remains is for you guys to practice and be at the top.


(Although secretly, if you guys play CLG...I'll have to root for them because of the  :goat: )

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i have not seen blind hate for mikwen. did i miss something

maybe he was referring to my posts. I don't have blind hate for mikwen though

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Been a while since I last posted, but I was too interested in this #drama.


I don't follow many HCS pros on Twitch, really just only Ninja and Spartan, but when I heard about the TL that was forming after Season 2, I was kind of upset. I am a big fan of Ninja the Dogg, but I digress. I knew it would have been a better team, but that was the second time that Ninja has basically left Spartan and that made me upset. 


About the Mikwen thing, I get that it is for a better team, but being happy on a team that you don't want to be on is just something hard for me to get. I mean if I was not happy and playing, I don't feel like I would give my 100%. I get the move though, and it makes total sense. 


Also, very excited for the HCS and for more tournaments because I am really missing them. 

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So whats up with blaze, is he on a team or anything? he seems to be playing and hes not bad, i even played him in Hardcore on MCC a few times if i remember correctly.  So he's grinding for something, i just don't know if its for fun or if hes competing or what


He placed well at Daytona, not sure what else is up with the guy ... he's ridiculously talented so I'm guessing he'll take a stab at HCS $$$$



[edit: he was not on Elitest's team, which placed second, my bad son ... ]

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He placed well at Daytona (with Elitest), not sure what else is up with the guy ... he's ridiculously talented so I'm guessing he'll take a stab at HCS $$$$

c'mon man 

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That's actually a really shitty way to live your life.

its a business dude, and the main objective is to win (get $$$)


if you can't stomach it that's on you


APG, Ola, Heinz- 30 Tournament Wins


Ninja, Chig, Ace- 5 Tournament Wins 


Listen... I like Ninja, Chig, and Ace. All good dudes, but if you have the opportunity to team with APG, Ola, and Heinz you just do it and don't ask questions or care about who you leave in the dust.


Mikwen shouldn't have to explain himself... 

pretty much

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