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I elected to stay at the condo to rebook my flight and pack to make sure I don't get trapped here when Kayla hits tomorrow since my mom's supposed to get out of the hospital...and I'd be home to take care of her while she continues to recover...


Then I see every game of all-stars is guest casters.


I'm so salty right now.

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Where is your evidence of console ports succeeding on PC competitively? HCE for PC and H2 Vista? The new CoD games?


PC players liked Halo 1 on PC. I hear a lot of praise for the game on PC central forums like LinusTechTips and TekSyndicate. So maybe if PC got a MCC port it can go competitive. PC gaming is much bigger then the time when Halo 1 came out so it'll gain a bigger fan base. 


Also CoD games usually get shity PC ports and Activision pretty much decide where the competitive scene play.

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Haha I saw the donation. Summit still talking about Halo. 


Spartan and Renegades will come back stronger, ultimately this will have been an experience to learn and benefit from. 

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I figured this was going to make it here. Be respectful the rest of the forum.


Would we be anything but? Everyone here is a fan of Spartan

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This will be my first and last comment on here but IMO Lxthul is way overrated, i dont see the hype in this guy, every map i watch him play, he is always neg, didnt CLG drop Ogre 2 cuz he was always going neg or was it cuz he went double neg a lot... Of all the people, why did CLG pick up this dead weight... In last night's match, he was the reason CLG lost... 

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