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So did that series go to CLG cause they really played that good? Or did RNG play bad?

I'd say combination of both. CLG is the best team, so dominant. So the only way to beat them is to play the best Halo you can. Renegades didn't. A few key mistakes, inconsistent play.


Think of it like Australian Open women's final yesterday. Did Serena Williams lose it, or did Angelique Kerber win it.

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poor @@Symbolic

Poor symbolic? Renegades would greatly improve with a coach with a big personality who could calm them down when things don't start off well. They play amazing when they're winning, but as soon as something bad happens they crumble. That can be fixed.


Plus, symbolics voice in those listen ins cut through my soul like a thousand knives.

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Really disappointed by the amount of toxicity towards Ninja. He's given so much to the Halo community, and stuck by it at its lowest points.


I watched NInja when we was streaming Reach eight hours a day for 400-500 viewers, at the very beginning ... but saying that Ninja did all of this to support the community is ridiculous, he didn't have anything else going on in his life and wanted to make Twitch $$$.  It's not like he had a free ride to Harvard and gave it up to help future TB forum users and build the scene.  He also switched to CoD, Destiny, etc., etc. (stopped playing Halo completely at times) and took a lot of crap from his subscribers

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