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Major Matchmaking Problem in Recent Halos

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Is anyone as frustrated as I am, that we continue to get a matchmaking where you can match a team of 4 when you're searching alone. This was beyond the best feature of halo 3. It was discontinued in halo: reach, then Halo 4, then MCC, and NOW Halo 5. I used to think searching alone was bad in halo 3, but after playing these recent games, it is just hell. Not to mention how players got ranked into their divisions. I'm at onyx 1600 at the moment and I keep matching players that are onyx and diamond, so they got that part right. But HOW THE HELL do these players get into diamond. I swear most of these guys play without thumb sticks. I don't usually complain about anything, I don't even mind the radar being in the competitive playlist, but seriously, how are people supposed to enjoy playing when they are getting stomped by every team of 4 they play. 

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Halo Reach had party restrictions in Arena, the main issue was that every other playlist was social.


But yeah this lack of party restrictions thing in 343 Halos is he is beyond stupid. You can't have any sort of ranking system with integrity without hard party restrictions and making an entire game without them (Halo 4 and MCC) is nonsensical.


Most people would rather wait for a good game than play a bad one.

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