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Need 2 - meet requirements

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Need 2 for future events--

(Our best placing for Xbox One games so far has been 17th for the MCC HCS Events and 5th for ESL's Online Halo 5 Events)



-Event experience (particularly recent event experience as well) ... this does not mean, "Yeah I've been to a LAN before." This means... Hey, I've competed at MLG, AGL, PGL, IG, (ESL HCS) event(s) -- MULTIPLE. Also...Doesn't mean lost in winners/losers round 1..2...etc...


-Pay for own way/part of the pass/hotel/etc--


-Need to be able to have time set aside for consistent practice


-Need to not have an ego, not get defensive, and realize that teamwork/synergy does not develop over night.-- That's awesome that you have a picture with Ninja and you've played with Roy and Pistola was on your friends list... but no one actually gives a fuck :/


-Need to be a selfless player and realize that sometimes you can't T2 it and go for your next montage clip...stats do not (directly) matter; putting your teammates down or bragging about yourself constantly is also annoying AF...



Other than these things, which should be pretty much common sense outside of event xp req's--

(We DO have some sponsors...but, not gonna post about any of those because that should not be a reason you simply apply to join a team)


Feel free to message in game for more info/questions--

"KinetiKz DMRplz"

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