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Halo 5: Guardians Customs & Matchmaking Finder

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Gamertag - CnamnToastCraig


Region - NA US East


Ranked Matchmaking


Currently high plat low diamond looking for people to team up with and run some matchmaking in the ranked playlist. Tired of playing by myself with randos. I played competitively when the game first launched and was in the onyx ranks and higher but stopped playing once 2016 hit. Now I am back and loving the game again. Not really looking to compete since I dont have the time to commit to it anymore but I do love running some games with skilled players who play to win but ultimately want to have fun. Shoot me an add and lets run some games!

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Gt: KAPPA SoaRz looking for either matchmaking or customs. Just looking to find people to play solo que or running 2s gets boring fairly quick.

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GT: Hlud

Looking to run customs with the new settings and maybe play team arena when they put the new settings in. I usually run with my friend as well, so To2

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GT: Strafeous
MM - Swat grind to champion. 
Quick games.

Tired of dropping 30 bombs just for my random teammates to all go double digit negative.
If we play I expect you to try, but at the same time have fun.
If you're someone who constantly complains, rages, passively aggressively makes comments about your teammates, or brings down morale in general, ignore this.

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GT: A Crispy Squid


LAN?(Latin America  North)/ NA (Bad ping but I´m still trying)


Not that good, trying to get back a it

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MM - Summer Preview, Arena, Slayer

New York (upstate)


Looking for two other people to create a squad for high end matchmaking. Both of us are from upstate NY, don't have to be from there but would be solid if from the same time zone.

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Looking for people to run HCS with, I'm getting back into the groove and hopefully will start looking for a team soon.

Add me: Strafeous

: )

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NA eastern time zone


Have a team of 3 and we are currently looking for a 4th for tournaments and scrims possibly events later on.



-know callouts

-be available to play almost everyday

-no one under the age of 18

-high tier player diamond or higher in HCS


If you are interested message me on Xbox

Gamertag once again is



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GT: Twissited




NA eastern


add me and we can run games. I run solo almost all the time, would be nice to have people to run with.

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GT: MaTz oP




NA Eastern


Old school sweaty but now a grown up that plays occasionally :( . Looking for players to run with! Message me on XBL so I can add you back!

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