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Halo 5: Guardians Customs & Matchmaking Finder

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GT: Numzi

MM and Customs (Looking to climb to the top)

dan -- Looking for those who will take it seriously and want to become as good as possible.



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Custom 2v2's (My partner an I are looking for decent 2 players to play against)



me and my buddy are looking for 2v2s customs as well. My gt is Wolshay

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l Spriggan l (both are lower case L's)


Looking for customs or match making team diamond on this account at the moment onyx on other account. 


North america (tx) 

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Anyone wanting to ply co -op campaingn and a little multiplayer let me know my GT is LordMadmax76

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  • Gamertag:Sabrea
  • Customs/MM:MM and Customs idgaf
  • Region: California 

    Tons of experince and huge knowledge about halo. 

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Matchmaking / maybe customs


I'm diamond 1 in Arena/Slayer/Breakout, just looking for a squad to run games with. I'm on every day, but random times (full time job, random hours). Just to be competitive and have fun with. Not really looking to run with young kids, thanks. Add me and I'll run with you thanks!

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