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GT: Jawshe

On at any time/day. I play a lot.

Ottawa, Canada (EST Timezone)


Add for anything (customs, MM, doesn't matter)


I also have a to3 and we are frantically looking for a quality 4th for the approaching tourneys/qualifications. If you live reasonably close (doesn't have to be the same city, just Northeastern US or Canada etc.) then message me ASAP so we can try you out.


We have a lot of potential and are extremely dedicated to the events this year, so obviously only the most serious players will be considered.


Either way, if you re just looking to find locals in the Ottawa area, feel free to message me. Just make sure to say in your message that you saw this, so I know who you are!


Thanks guys

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Hey guys I'm looking for some people that are solid players that know how to work as a team to run some matchmaking. If you are interested message or add gt: Apollo uG

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Need a Doubles partner for Astro Tourney Saturday.

My GT is Tvctics. Need a mic, and preferably Oynx or Higher in Slayer/Arena.

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Down for whatever

NA CST I'm on around 7am til 3 pm on weds thru sun and all day Mon and Tues


Have MIC looking to play with people who communicate and are willing to help cause I'm still learning the game but I will communicate and I wanna learn. Please let me no your from the forum when adding me. Look forward to playing Halo with y'all

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