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I must have added almost 100 people from here, halocustoms, twitcht, and then added friends they've added.  I've yet to see anyone online ever play a custom game of Halo 5.  WTF.

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Need a 4th for team. We have one but he can't get online to put in the practice so we will have to replace him. We are sponsored and will be having tryouts until we find a replacement. looking for a local player also to attend lans and other big events. We're located in NC, Morganton My GT is vVitai and you can also get to me on Twitter.com/t_ravv

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4v4 customs & Team Arena

Chicago, IL

Would prefer to play with Skype.

Been running 4v4s the past two nights. Looking for players to be on at least 8pm to 12pm CST.

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iVertigo SR




Also trying to run games and find a team, so if you want the same lemme know!!


welcome to the site man!

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z Witness z




Would love to play some customs or matchmaking. I'm always down to play

Let's get some arena going. I'm on the east coast too. GT: Snaggu

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just joined today, getting tired of not playing with out a solid fireteam. i always play alone, at random times. i do have a son, but do make time in the late evening to play. 


     want to get them Diamonds in all arenas 

     USA, CA


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GT: M1SS B0B0 ( 1's and zero's ) 

Trying to get onyx in team arena + slayer... stuck mid - high diamond stuck solo queing


Add me : ) 

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