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add Po0kiE THE GAME


Not really that into to it like before, but anyone seeing this may invite into any playlist should you see me active (or add me). I'm down for anything, although I'm currently not ranked very high.

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  • Gamertag: Top Da Mountain
  • Customs/MM:  Matchmaking
  • Region:  East coast North america

Old Halo pro  that transitioned to World of warcraft arena pro. decided to buy the xbox one elite for h 5. Currently onyx in several playlists with Zero Friends Single Queuing. (and i carry games)


5.0+ KDA . 


Still lots of learning to be done as i haven't played a console in 2 + years.

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Guys I need 3 halo 5 players who are good in swat.I have been stuck at diamond 4-5 for about a week when playing solo or with friends and I am trying to get to at least onyx.I am an above and average player solo/with friends.If you have time to play and help me grind please add me and msg/join my party and tell me you saw my post here on  team beyond.Tactics,communication and friendly attitude  of course.

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Gamertag: FastLikeDar

Trying to go for champions in Slayer and Team Slayer. Sick of having people added who never join the game or want to play in parties add me then message me saying you are from the forums.

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