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Halo 5: Guardians Customs & Matchmaking Finder

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Need a couple running HCS/Slayer on new account.


GT = Liberal Disease

Onxy/Champ every season in pretty much every playlist

Have a mic and be from US

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GT: PsycodeiiK


HCS Playlist


NA/East Coast


Grinded to 1700+ Onyx solo queue. Need a good team whose on consistently and wanna grind together

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Got my connection fixed and ready to grind HCS. Looking for some peeps on this morning that wanna run HCS. Onyx + have a mic.


GT = PsycodeIiK (l is an i)


NA/East Coast

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I just recently bought the game and am awful at it (just FYI). Also, don't have a mic yet. I'm mostly looking to play for fun.



Mostly Matchmaking until I get the hang of things.

NA/East Coast.

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used to be high onyx/champ but stopped playing for months.


slowly getting back into it.

Invite for customs or matchmaking


gt: Fronter Bumper

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GT: Coytastrophe


MM/Customs H5 or MCC


I live in Michigan


Have a mic and use it stopped playing for a few months getting back Halo 

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