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Looking for any onyx level players who want to play dubs and get better. Have a mic. I'll be playing from ~12a.m to ~6a.m EST.


add me and send a msg if your interested.

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Please add CharlesSharkley for MM (Slayer or Arena, I don't care) or Customs where I can get better.


I'm not amazing, but I'm tired of playing solo and trying to rank up.... over my last 20 games against Diamonds and Platinum players in Slayer, I have a 1.35 K/D, but I still only win 50% of the time. The random teammates I get range from pretty good to "How to Shoot Plz," and it sucks.

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Cali to Ky? :( Rough. I invited you last night fool. 






Always down for 8's hmu




All my friends and family are there besides the winter weather Im ready to be back home. I plan to make trips back out to CA whenever I feel like hanging out.

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