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Ravioli BR

A Proper Introduction

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Hey Beyond, long time lurker here. I posted for a short time a few months back but lost access to my account, just got it back. My name is Hunter and I'm from Battle Creek, MI, been playing Halo since shortly after Halo 3's release. I started to get into and watch competitive around the beginning of Reach but I never was good at the networking/social aspect of Competitive Halo, nor was I a stand out player in game. I just played a lot of playlist alone on a lot of different gamertags, almost ot the point of obsession lmao. Considering how long I've practiced I probably should be better. I'm getting a bit better as my mental health improves, both as a friend and a player. But I don't want to make this a sob story. Still have a long way to go.


Despite playing seven years, I have never competed in or spectated at an event, not even an AGL event. Since I devote so much time into this game I think it would be a good idea to maybe show up to Midwest events and at least try to compete, I have admired "Pro" players since I started playing and strived to be as good as them. Could I be doing better things with my time? Probably. Would I rather be doing better things with my time? Absolutely not. I love Halo as much as anyone else here and I HATE to lose. Losing streaks makes me rage a little.. sometimes. Getting better about staying level headed.


My gamertag is Focused Ninja1, if you play Team Hardcore or CE on a regular basis you will or have probably run into me before. I usually play alone but it gets frustrating losing to teams of four, feel free to send me a friend request or invite if you'd like. Depending on my mood I may or may not accept an invite, I do struggle with a bit of mental illness that inhibits my ability to socialize sometimes. It has nothing to do with any of you, I don't hold a grudge on anyone in this community. In fact I like the vast majority of you, and those I don't care for (for whatever reason) I try to leave alone. I like to think I'm halfway decent at H1, H2, H3 and Reach, H2 being my weakest and H3 my strongest. Halo 5 remains to be seen.


Looking forward to interacting with some of you and reading all your posts. Remember, the focused ninja is always lurking.

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