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The "I'm Streaming Now" Thread. Support fellow Beyond streamers!

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Streaming h1 mcc right now


Nice to see you back on H1! I was watching some of your 3v3s this morning (I really wanted to hop in with my partner and run ffa, we would have had 8, v4li never replied back though). I suck at Halo 1 but stream from time to time. Not really trying to gain a following, more about studying my gameplay and learning how I lose/catching bad habits, but I can't get past listening to my own voice in the replays I watch. I hate hearing myself lol. Had some people talking shit about me in chat too, I didn't bother to read it, just going off what my partner was telling me. Kind of discourages me from streaming. Is there a way you can privately stream without any random person being able to watch it, just for the sake of capping your gameplay? I'm wondering if appearing offline would make it so my stream doesn't show up publicly. That way I don't have to deal with better players that have been around many more years than I, talking down on my gameplay. I realize I am not good and never claimed to be. I heard they were quite harsh on me, instead of politely critiquing my game.


EDIT: Still want to run the playlist with you sometime man, I'm sure I could learn a lot from you. If you see me on and want to play, hit me up with an invite.


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