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The "I'm Streaming Now" Thread. Support fellow Beyond streamers!

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Can someone please help me figure out voice output for OBS classic and Twitch? I use the Elgato HD60 capture card and I stream Reach BTB on my 360. I'm not sure which options in OBS settings I need in order to enable voice output for my stream. I just use the default Microsoft 360 headset for voice chat and surround speaker system for sound. I've been trying to find a video on youtube that helps, but have had no luck.

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Come get some dubshot in your lives: 





tonight i'm doing some montage stuff on stream (looking for clips, editing, looking for songs) if you have any interest in montaging h2 or need help getting started then come around i'm happy to help. 

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I just got done streaming some fortnite and will be doing so quite often in the future, I forgot to post on here when I started.




All your views and follows really help a brother out :)

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Does anyone stream through an elgato cap card (I have an HD60 pro) and use an astro mixamp/headset? How do you set it up for game mic and PC audio for OBS streaming on twitch?



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