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The "I'm Streaming Now" Thread. Support fellow Beyond streamers!

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H1 and maybe other stuff. Been playing some h2 h3 h4 and different stuff lately for a fun change of pace. Unless h3 gets voted, i hate that game.

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Just a quick note for all the streamers that are trying to grow, I've had some better twitch TV emotes accepted, I chose very generic halo 5 ones so everyone could use them. Obviously you and your viewers have to be using BTTV to be able to see them but for those who would like them in their channel for their viewers to use feel free to add them :)


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Long time lurker, first time poster! I'm streaming right now, and will continue too for at least a few hours. Going to be grinding away on my Onyx FFA, smoking a hookah and trying to adjust to my new Elite controller. 


Come chill and catch the stream at http://twitch.tv/harenil or you can go to Harenil.com, which just redirects to my Twitch channel. Let's go!

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Twitter @2oo_Relacksed


Twitch: warty_jw (current), changing to 2oo_Relacksed



Help build our following? We're a new team, with all onyx level slayers. Trying to find scrims and compete online.

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Will be live at 8pm GMT tonight with my first full stream, will hopefully be joined by Simms and Strongside so come and hang out!





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