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New Atheists and other evils are just as spiritual as some Theists, they conduct rituals and practice magic; blood sacrifices to a God or Godhead, casting invisibility, and such (I even imagine they dabble in the 'erb), but by way of things that they have worded, and evolved, to be logical; such as by 'telling a joke', or 'group laughter' (where one on the receiving end of the joke is sacrificed). It's a sick ritual that corporations, the state and Academia have us involved in, and they are supported by the New Atheist movement---they cast invisibility upon their overlords, they sacrifice the intelligent to boost their own and Godheads will. And so, their sources of knowledge are prior magic practices, or ritualistic behaviour, worshipped by, New Atheists and other evils, as logic, in effort to pervert the course of justice.


Kinds of magic include: Paedophilia, homosexuality, transsexuality, asexuality (in the magic sense); irrational, nonsensical and perverse behaviour. Irresponsiveness that if followed will lead our children to become irresponsive themselves, but in the magic sense.

Beware! Your own stupidity, may lead you to repent this thread, and insult the thread creator, because you have New Atheists, and other evils, amongst yourselves, and New Atheists probably have a hand in moderation. If you so much as read their word you cause yourself mental suffering, and potentially support the murder of future generations by way of a ritual-induced fool's death. New Atheists will repent this thread.

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