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Pick 5.

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1. In Game Ranked/Social Playlists

2. Competitive "out of the box" Maps 

3. De-Scope

4. No Sprint

5. Spectator Mode

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1. Descope

2. Sprint

3. More Arena Maps

4. Spectator Mode




Some less-important things:

6. A Video file share similar to CodTV.

7. A Custom game finder similar to Starcraft.

8. The old lobby names (a vertical list of names and not the player "cards").

9. AAs as pickup or personal ordinance ONLY.

10. Old/ not broken gametypes along with new competitive ones (extraction is the best new thing 343 added to H4).

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1. In game Ranks, and a social playlist set. Also, no more guests in ranked matches!
2. Smaller, competitive maps, as well as maps for BTB and Dominion.
3. Descope, and a balanced weapon set out of the box.
4. No more loadouts or ordinances. Start everyone on the same foot, and make them rush for weapons they want and map control.
5. Custom options back: Covie items, flood able to wield more than swords, assault, objective handling options etc...

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Top 5: 

- Spectator Mode

- In game ranks

- No personal loadouts or equipment, everything is picked up on the map

- Less BTB maps and more small arena styled maps for 4v4, work with community forgers with map design


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1. No more pokemon cards.

2. No more sprint.

3. throw the flag please.

4. no more plasma nades in loadouts pleeaase, if they can't remove all loadouts, better.

5. Good maps pleaaasee, i don't even know the names of h4 maps and i can name every h3 map.

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I know you said 5 but I wanted to make it a little longer:


1. No sprint

2. Descope

3. Split between ranked/social playlist

3a. A normal ranked team slayer playlist with no random ordnance or custom loadouts whatsoever

4. Spectator Mode

5. Great competitive small maps

6. A Forge system that is not incomplete

7. In-game visible ranks

8. 343-ran 4v4 LAN tournaments with competitive settings and big prize pools

8a. Dedicated servers you say? Online tournaments will be great too in addition to LAN. 

9. Competitive playlist (Team Throwdown) from day one

10. A beta 

11. Return of gametypes like Assault, One Flag

12. A good UI. The Reach UI was basically perfect

13. An option to turn off the menu music

14. Good custom game options

14a. Option to turn off sprint (if sprint is still in the game)

14b. Option to turn off auto-pickup of flag, oddbal etc.

14c. Option for old school CTF (flag juggling)

14d. Option to turn off the waypoint over the flag carriers head

15. A 1v1 playlist. Would work great with dedicated servers

16. Custom game finder

17. Balanced, concistent utility weapon with fast kill time (read: H2 BR)

18. A sniper that takes more skill (descope helps)

19. Absolutely no Spartan Ops

20. Clans

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- Ranked/Social Playlist - Maybe a 1-50 that resets every 3-4 months. It'll keep the game fresh and eliminate people who sell accounts


- Descoping


- Spectator Mode


- No sprint


- Good Maps, with more emphasis on 4v4 play.

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1. De-Scope for all weapons


2. NO auto-pick up for flag / ability to drop/juggle flag OR sprint


3. A good ranking system for competitive and casual players


4. Bring back old weapons/vehicles/grenades (Like wtf happened to the mauler, chopper and inceneration grenades?)


5. Spectator Mode

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1) no sprint/ remove AA's/ add descope/ remove ordinance 

2) spectator mode

3) turning forge into a full fledged map editor

4) ranked/social playlists

5) improve campaign enemies so they aren't bullet sponges (there is no strategy to taking on hunters anymore, you just hope you have enough heavy weapons ammo) 

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1. Descope

2. No sprint

3. In game ranks and social playlist

4. Take out AAs

5. No more personal loadouts. Bring back older style of Halo (Halo 3/Halo 2).

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couldnt quite narrow it to 5



2. Spectator Mode

3a. No Sprint

3b. Descope

4. No loadouts

5. Old school Oddball/CTF/Assault. (no auto pickups, no cross-map throws, bring assault back)


Edit: please allow parties to watch theater together....

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