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System STATS F/A for H5 and Daytona

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What's up guys. My name is Brad and my GT: System STATS


Events I've been to:


Dallas '11: System STATS, CreepyTrash, Nocside, Jukebox - Lbr5 (~200teams)

Orlando '11: System STATS, What the Fate, Buddha Rex, Snipe0ut - Lbr4 (~150teams)

Cbus '12: System STATS, Ecks Nine, Dr Chaoz, Sickotic - 33rd (~180teams)

*Important note: at Cbus, while we fell to Reality check (Sudds with Neeks and By Hero) in a close match for Top32, we knocked out The Bizzles: Brake, Nocturnal Kernal, Robbie B, and Treason in losers a couple rounds before.


In Reach I won many online and local FFA tournaments. I came in 2nd in the Gamma Labs online FFA to Aptitude (1,056 entrants) and did fairly well in the Cbus FFA, even knocking out Tizoxic. I also competed in the BIC FFA's and made at least Top16/Top8 every time (~500 entrants).


I felt like I was on the cusp of breaking out as a player right as Halo Reach was ending, but after Cbus there were no more events for Reach. I took a break to focus on school when H4 came around, and started playing competitively once again around mid-season 2 of the HCS. I am ready to start playing with a serious team and dominate. For several reasons, I would highly prefer to run with people that have event experience, but it is not absolutely necessary. I live in Florida so I am willing and able to go to Daytona, but I will only attend if I feel I have a competent team that I know can place in the money. Hmu on xbl or on here to run.



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