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[SUBMIT CLIPS] A Pro and Amateur H2a HCS Montage by Hastings

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Hey guys,


I have been wanting to make a competitive montage using both pro players clips and clips from amateurs for a while now.

I have decided to make it an H2a HCS ONLY montage. Which I know not all people will be a fan of.


I currently have several projects on the go as of right now, so this project would not be started for a few weeks, but I want to start collecting clips now. 


So here is what I am looking for [From both pro and am players] 

Your best (or top 2) HCS Clip. Does not have to just be a high multi-kill, but anything creative or cool that you think should be in the montage. 


Either email me the clip directly or link a to download it from "http://xboxdvr.com/"to my email.


Email = [email protected]

(if you can think of a better way to submit it I am all ears) 


I have some songs already in mind but am open to suggestions if you want to link any in the comments of this forum.



- Hastings

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Song suggestion #1



For real though what type of music you looking for?


I am open to all suggestions really. I already have a slow song picked out for the second one so possible a faster song for the first. Link anything you think would be tight in a montage

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