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Underappreciated Map/Gametype Combos

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I always loved isolation. Idk why people hated it so much.


I also liked TS on cold storage even though Bungie removed it from TS after like 2 days -___-

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Brute Shots and Gravity Hammers with lower gravity and slightly faster movement on Sandtrap. Sort of like Tribes.


Oh, you meant competitive game type/map combos? I always liked FFA on Wizard with 2-4 people because it's small enough to make small player counts exciting, it's really simple for new people to learn, and screen peeking isn't as useful because of the monotone aesthetics and layout.

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PIT KING. It got taken out for what reason I do not know.


Hill and Ball in general are under appreciated and Flag which is the worst obj gametype out of the big 4 is over used.

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Abandon 1-Site Extraction

:prayers:  :flames:



Powerhouse KoTH


:wutface:  :wutface:  :wutface:  :wutface:  :wutface:  :wutface:  :wutface:  :wutface:  :wutface:


King pit is also sick. 

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2 Flag the Pit

How on earth is this underappreaciated?



My list

  • Lockout 1 Flag
  • Isolation Hill
  • Damnation/Penance 1 Flag
  • Prisoner Oddball
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Waterworks Neutral Flag

Backwash CTF and Hill

Damnation Reverse Tag

Isolation Hill

Powerhouse Hill

Elongation CTF

Anything on Citadel

Anything on Tempest

Anchor 9 Flag (the competitive forge version)

Pitfall Ricochet

Vertigo Extraction

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Midship King

Warlock Ball

Warlock king

Derelict King

Terminal anything

Containment multi flag

Pistols only on battle creek

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Serious question for those still checking the thread:

Was Beaver Creek good for any gametype other than Flag?


(By good I mean not "just okay" or worse than "just okay" -- I mean actually balanced, fun, enjoyable, and fair.)

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