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ASTRO Spartans: H2A 2v2 Bracket, Schedule, Reporting and More!

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Your Team Name: It's cold out here

Winner: It's cold out here

Round number: 2

Score: 2-0


We have picture proof as well if needed :)

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Is a team allowed to substitute a player for the original one? Only one opponent has showed and he says he has someone who is not the original teamate of his to play.

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Your Team Name: Straight outta the Build

Winner: Straight outta the Build

Round Number: Round 2

Score: 2 - 0

Both the teams on our side of the bracket have no reported their match/are not even online. We wll continue to wait until the bracket it updated.

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Your Team Name: G4S

Winner: G4s

Round Number: Round 2

Score: 2 - 0

Teammate kept getting disconnected. I asked to play 2v1, they agreed and they quit out of the game. Resulting in a forfeit. Will send pics and vid to xClicked Via Twitter

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Team Name: Federal Gaming

Winner: Federal Gaming

Round Number:2

Score: 2-1

Team Member left during 2nd round... Our Win... We won 3rd

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We still haven't received any information for who we're facing for Round 2 and round 3 is coming up.

My team:  One Gaming Esports


Team we were supposed to face:     G-horn from Xur   or

                                                           Long island Clam shuckers

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Your Team Name: WOWbros

Winner: WOWbros

Round Number: 2

Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)

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Your team: Reuben

Winner: Reuben

Round: 2

Score: (forfeit)

Teammate never showed and then we were host booted by the other teammate I think. We both lagged out and couldn't get back on at all.

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