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Your Top 10 Games of All-Time

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Halo 2

Burnout: Revenge

Super Mario Bros. 3

Gears Of War (1st one)


GTA: Vice City

Mario Kart

Banjo Kazooie

Super Smash Bros.


just some of my favorites :p

Shadowrun might be the most underrated game in history

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  1. Zelda Ocarina of Time

Halo CE

Zelda The Windwaker

Final Fantasy Tactics 

Super Smash Brothers Melee 

Halo 2

Super Mario 64

F-Zero GX

Dark Souls 1

Secret of Mana 

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1. Halo as a series, have put a lot of time into Halo haha.

2. Alan Wake, can play this game 100 times.

3. Kingdom Hearts as a series.

4. Final Fantasy 7

5. Final Fantasy 10

6. Tales of Symphonia

7. Rock Band, can play the drum for hours.

8. Tony Hawk Pro Skater

9. Super Smash Brothers

10. Paper Mario

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-Halo Combat Evolved 

-Super Smash Bros Melee

-League of Legends

-Kotor 2

-25th Combat Anniversary

-Mirror's Edge

-Pokemon Emerald 

-Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


-Earth 2150: The Moon Project 

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1. Halo: Combat Evolved

2. Battlefield 2142

3. Battlefield: Bad Company 

4. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

5. Halo 2


Not even sorry.

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1. halo ce

2. super smash bros 64

3. super smash bros melee

4. halo 2

5. zelda series in general

6. GTA 3 + vice city

7. halo 3

8. Mario kart 64 + double dash (I actually have the LAN adapter for this game)

9. dynasty warriors

10. runescape

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My favorate game here

I love this games

10. Jade Empire

9. Mass Effect

8. Dark Souls

7. Ocarina of Time

6. Banjo Kazooie

5. Perfect Dark

4. Halo 3

3. Halo Combat Evolved



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Top 10 no order:


Ocarina Of Time/any great Zelda title


Super Mario 64 


Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 (Wii), Super Mario Strikers CHARGED (Wii)


Halo CE & Halo 3


Geometry Wars II and Geometry Wars 3D


DBZ games (Budokai 3, Xenoverse, Tenkaichi 3)


GTA series

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I hate these because I rethink it all the time.


Doing it anyway.


1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 (w/ Restoration mod)

2. Halo CE

3. Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

4. Megaman 2

5. Battlefield 2142

6. Homeworld

7. Star Wars: Republic Commando

8. Portal 2

9. Undertale

10. Rayman 2: The Great Escape

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