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Your Top 10 Games of All-Time

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10. Jade Empire


8. Dark Souls

7. Halo Combat Evolved

6. Banjo Kazooie

5. Perfect Dark

4. Halo 3

3. Ocarina of Time


1. Mass Effect (1)

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1. Halo 2

2. Halo CE

3. Borderlands

4. Rainbow Six 3

5. Skyrim

6.Tomb Raider 2

7. Call of Duty 4

8. Left 4 Dead

9. Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

10. Return To Castle Wolfenstein (OG xbox)

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1. Reflex

2. Quake 3 Arena

3. Halo CE

4. Quake World

5. Halo Reach (ZBNS/Gold-Pro and the map making in forge being the reason)

6. Quake 2

7. Quake 4

8. Halo 2

9. Quake Live (fuck loadouts)

10. Doom 3

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It would take a while for me to decide what game belongs in what place, so this will not be in any order and will only contain 1 game from an individual franchise. Ended up with 11 on the list.

  • Halo CE
  • UT 2K4
  • Quake 3(CPMA makes it even better)
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Battlefront 1
  • Civ 5
  • Terraria
  • Skyrim
  • AoE 2
  • Pokemon Crystal
  • GoW 1(Haven't played UE since the beta, but that could take the place)
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Only going to do my top 5 with descriptions


1. Quake III: Arena

1999: The first competitive FPS and the one true arena shooter. No bullshit, just skill.


2. Halo trilogy (CE, 2, & 3)

2001/2004/2007: Each game has it's strong points. CE is the only Halo game that has an arena feel with it's small maps and weapon pool. Halo 2 had a ranking system, matchmaking, and made the "couch experience" that's the standard for all multiplayer games today. Halo 3 has Forge+Custom Games+Theater, forming a long-lasting and dedicated community.


3. Unreal Tournament '99

1999: Right behind Quake in terms of a competitive FPS. Epic also supported their game better than id did with Quake.


4. Battlefield 2

2005: This game was the first one to make you feel like you're in actual battlefield. It was unreal for its time and I still consider the best iteration in the series because of its focus on teamwork.


5. Mount & Blade: Warband

2010: Great developer that allows modders to roam free, forming some of the best modules that makes this game and it's 200-player multiplayer never feel old.

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1. Goldeneye

2. zelda ooT

3. Halo trilogy

4. Destiny

5. Street fighter 2 turbo

6. Metal gear solid 1

7. Resident evil 2

8. Mario 64

9. Mario kart 64

10. Mist

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1. Any great Capcom fighting game (SF2, 3S)

2. Halo 1

3. Halo 2

4. MGS 3

5. Ninja Gaiden Sigma

6. Ratchet and Clank Trilogy

7. N+

8. Smash Melee

9. Republic Commando

10. Super Mario Bros 3

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10. League of Legends

9. Counterstrike 1.6/GO

8. Borderlands

7. Castle Crashers

6. Gears of War trilogy

5. Dark Souls 1

4. Zelda- A link to the past

3. Halo Trilogy

2. Runescape pre-2009

1. Zelda- Ocarina of time

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1: original Halo trilogy

2: smash bros melee

3: dark souls

4: n64 Zelda

5: skyrim/ oblivion

6: battlefield badcompany 2

7: kingdom hearts

8: rainbow six Vegas 2

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These can be rearainged at any time depending on my mood and how much I actually love the game, but this is a rough idea of my Top Ten. PS: I dont have a lot of games, so many of these are just shooters.)

Halo 5: Guardians looks good enough to me, even with all the extra stuff, that it can easily overtake any of these spots.


1) Halo 3

2) Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

3) Halo 2

4) Tomb Raider (2013)

5) Halo CE

6) Trials Evolution

7) Battlefield 3 (just the multiplayer)

8) Battlefield 1942 (back in the day...playing on PC. Nothing except Halo CE compares to it.)

9) The Last of Us (Now I haven't played it myself yet, but I have watched the entire game and the Left Behind DLC on Youtube. Without a doubt one of the greatest games I have ever seen and one of the best games of the last generation.)

10) Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 on PC (haven't played it in years, and I don't anymore, but I had tons of fun playing it back in the day of Windows XP)

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1. Suikoden II

2. Final Fantasy X

3. Halo CE

4. Suikoden

5. Halo 2

6. Goldeneye 007

7. Pokemon Red & Blue

8. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 

9. NHL 98

10. Super Mario Bros. 3


Probably going to forget some. 


If anyone here is a rare video game collector and likes JRPGs I highly suggest checking out the early games of the Suikoden series. Suikoden is considered a classic, yet is pretty obscure. Suikoden II will fetch $150 just for a decent PS1 copy, and $300+ for an unopened one. 

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1. Halo 3

2. Super Smash Bros 64

3. Ocarina of Time

4. Pokemon Crystal

5. Mario 64

6. Mario Sunshine

7. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

8. Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

9. Gauntlet Legends

10.Jak and Daxter


As you can see I only played Halo during the 360's life

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3. Unreal Tournament '99

1999: Right behind Quake in terms of a competitive FPS. Epic also supported their game better than id did with Quake.

Have you played UT'04? Because everybody knows '04 is the best UT.  :UncleDrew:

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I can't list each games importance to me. They all have their own uniqueness, pro's, and cons. Nor can I do a top 10, after my list I run into a bunch of games that were great, but nothing that stands in with this list.


Halo CE

Hotline Miami

Diablo I

Final Fantasy VII

TES III: Morrowind

Super Metroid

LoZ: Ocarina of Time

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Halo CE


SW Battlefront 

SW Battlefront 2

Halo 2

Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Blue



Burnout: Revenge


Super Mario Galaxy


Just some games that I really love and enjoyed playing in no particular order.


Also really hoping to try KOTOR II someday, and see how it compares to the first, which was great but short imo.

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Have you played UT'04? Because everybody knows '04 is the best UT.  :UncleDrew:


...Yeah, I'm not going there. I've had enough of these debates, man. Going to have to agree to disagree, fellow UT fan.

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No order.


Halo CE

Halo 3

Rainbow Six Vegas

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

The Last of Us

Mass Effect

Perfect Dark


Super Mario Bros 3

Chrono Trigger

Grand Theft Auto Vice City


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Perfect Dark

Halo CE

Halo 2

The Last of Us


Battlefront 2

Rainbow Six 3

Ghost Recon

Super Smash Bros Melee


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My experience besides counter strike is all console related. It'd be easier to break them up into genres. Also, wasn't there another thread like this a while ago? I'm sure my list is a bit different from back then. I guess this is a mixture of personal preference and competitive merit, which is why you won't see any later halo games here.




1) Halo CE

2) Shadowrun

3) Quake 3 Arena (Arcade)

4) Monday Night Combat

5) Unreal Championship

6) Halo 2

7) Rainbow Six 3

8) Duke Nukem 3D (I prefer Doom but from a competitive standpoint I've been schooled)

9) Mech Assault

10) Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow.


I honestly thought Vegas and the other rainbow games were complete shit and was the start of throwing away original gameplay to follow other popular modern shooters. Honorable mentions : splinter cell chaos theory, ghost recon 1 + 2, battlefield bad company 2, halo 3, goldeneye, perfect dark, doom 1 + 2




1) Smash Melee

2) Street Fighter II Champion Edition (even though world warrior pioneered the 90's fighting scene)

3) Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

4) Marvel vs Capcom 2

5) Smash 64

6) Tekken 3

7) Street Fighter 4

8) Killer Instinct

9) Soul Calibur

10) Virtua Fighter 3


Honorable mentions to SF3 alpha, Virtua Fighter 2, Tekken Tag, MK Trilogy, Marvel Super Heroes, Primal Rage, Ballz 3D.

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...Yeah, I'm not going there. I've had enough of these debates, man. Going to have to agree to disagree, fellow UT fan.


I lol'd because some UT 99' fans look at UT2k3/UT2k4 the same way some Halo fans look at Halo 2 or CS fans look at CS:S in terms of slowing the game down and getting away from the "purity" of the Quake 3-style pure DM AFPS. But at the same time, I feel UT2k4 has the highest movement/aim skill-gap in the series(not many games that can challenge it) because the hit-boxes are so precise even compared to something like Q3. Here is my list:


1. Quake III/Q3 CPMA-  *cue Q3 announcer voice* "EXCELLENT"! Quake III was deathmatch elevated to, if not an art form, then certainly high science. No frills, no weapon superfluous, almost nothing between you and movement, a pure test of skill and accuracy, great fucking maps. It might have had these gothic sci-fi trappings, but Quake III could be colorless squares sprinting and bouncing around untextured paths and it would still be the complete, perfect shooting game.


It is the pinnacle of skill-based gaming in my opinion and the deadly combination of ultra-smooth mechanics and fast-paced gameplay has been imitated by others, but never truly replicated. Q3 is at the top of my list not only for gameplay, but because its arguably the most significant MP FPS in history setting the standard for online gaming and the various mods that came from the community like TF that went onto create new communities and continue to shape the FPS landscape all the way up until today really(Rocket League... a recent Quake mod is pretty legit lol). If you want to get really technical, Quake 2 action Arena(I will be surprised if anyone besides me knows what this is) also helped to shape alot of the modern trends that are popular in shooters today. Like reloading your weapons, limited weapon carry ability (primary and secondary), bleeding, different damage hit zones, head shots, injuries causing movement penalties, team based death match, etc… You could even credit AQ2 as inspiration for a lot of future games, such as Counter Strike. In fact, the creator of Counter Strike also worked on Action Quake 2. Then of course Q3 e-sports basically made e-sports a "thing" particularly in America, and on a personal level Fatal1ty got me into e-sports and comp gaming. The real question is what didn't Quake III do? Because it did everything and every online FPS today owes part of their existance to it.


2. UT 99'- "HEAD SHOT!" Its hard for me to choose UT 99' over Ut2k4 simply because I played vastly more UT2k4 than Ut 99'(was a Q3 player mostly during that time) but the creativity and level design of this game was like literally stepping into a different world 1000 years from now. In particular, the weapons of UT 99' are some of the best/most memorable in FPS history. A gun that shoots NAILS! A portable teleportation device! An energy-based weapon that fires either a hitscan bolt or an orb of energy to cause a "shock combo" which I could write an entire novel on detailing its unmatched versatility in the FPS landscape and ultra-satisfying weapon combo with the potential for causing instant death upon disintegration?? What seemed like a BILLION different alt-modes for the Rocket launcher?? An ultra-fast shooting, no recoil, variable zoom hit-scan sniper rifle that was really OP but nobody really gave a flying fuck because "HEAD SHOT!" get in my frag tage!....on second thought of course everything in this game is sort of OP your playing UNREAL MOTHAFKN TOURNAMENT noob!? So maddening that it had to be part genius... induced from what I can only speculate was a 70's style acid trip! And all of that chaos crammed into some of the most creative maps/memorable sky-boxes(basically unheard of until UT 99') ranging from playing in fkn space on top of sky-scrapers to claustrophobic dark Arenas like Deck 16 where the term SPAWN KILL literally entailed you might spawn 3 times in a row and get fragged INSTANTLY 3 times in rapid succession! The chaos and harshness of the DM shooter met its creative soul mate in Unreal Tournament, and what resulted was a totally one-of-a-kind FPS experience bordering on madness but with enough coherent creative direction to hit its mark.


3. Halo Trilogy- What happens when you combine intelligent Sci-fi story-telling told in the glory and grand scale of a Sci-fi opera and add in enough kick-ass weapons/vehicles to gleefully murder aliens/players for hours on end without even caring to pause for a bath-room break? You get Halo. Whether your playing one of the campaigns which rank among the best in FPS history, exploring the depths of a rich Sci-fi universe, or perfecting your murdering skills in MP Halo truly has no glaring weakness. The definition of a "block-buster", Halo made that a real term in the video-game industry and set the standards for online MM and mechanics for countless shooter titles that came after it. Halo balances skill, teamwork, and encourages creative gameplay from its players in a way that might not be truly matched by any other FPS. The result is a game that players of all kinds seek to master to their own desire, and a thrilling but thoughtful blend of team-based DM FPS gameplay. I was a huge FB fan-boy in the H2 MLG days, being a UT/RS clan player prior to that I came to appreciate the precision team-work and DM FPS skills that I admire and can relate to about high-level Halo gameplay. 


4. Rainbow Six 1-3- Cold, calculated, precise, and deep these are the adjectives that come to mind when I think of original Rainbow Six MP. If you haven't experienced the in depth pre-planning of every game mode and felt the recoil of truly unforgiving precision rifles in Rainbow Six you haven't really played a tactical FPS before. Coming from the "DOOM, QUAKE, UT" background, when my brother told me to check out Rainbow Six Rogue Spear I was instantly intrigued at how different it was from what I had been playing. Rainbow Six is arguably the greatest clan FPS in history, having experienced that aspect of the game I can tell you that there was thousands of different clans at its peak, and it was the sole focus of the community during the Rainbow Six 1-3 days. Terrorist Hunt is also a GOAT alternative mode in all of FPS.


5. Dark Souls


6. Warcraft III


7. Starcraft: Brood War


8. CS 1.6




10. Mass Effect Trilogy


I want to include descriptions for the rest in time, but right now I am too tired to finish it.  :P

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Probably going to be completely different from everyone here lol


in no order:


Street Fighter (practically made a whole genre and any good 2d fighter uses elements from it. Game is probably one of the most psychological Mutliplayer games I've played. Incredibly satisfying when you play a good player and you're trying to one up the player and they do the same like its some damn anime fight

Guilty Gear Series (Incredibly hype fighter with imo the most diversity in characters) 


Devil May Cry series(By far the most technical Mash em up I've ever played, the SE gives so much characters and all of them are super different from another) 


Zelda MM (Thought it was better than OoT personally and really digged the whole game overall) 


Shadowrun (Most complex FPS I've played on console honestly. I thought the magic system was amazingly done) 


Lost Odyssey (Funnest RPG and JRPG I've played so far) 


Fire Emblem Series (Specifically 5, 6, 7 and fe12. Games we're really fun and had a good challenge. Replay value also got really high when you start to do drafts in the game making the experience pretty different most times. 


Cant think of anything else off the top of my head but other notables to me are Advance Wars Days of Ruin, Suikoden V, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Vesperia

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1. Pokemon Crystal

2. Kingdom Hearts 

3. Halo 3

4. Kingdom Hearts 2

5. Guitar Hero 3

6. Rock Band 2

7. DBZ: Budokai 3

8. Pokemon Emerald

9. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

10. Super Monkey Ball

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