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HighL1ghT Free Agent for Halo 5

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Hello all, I am a free agent who is looking to join/put together a team to compete in H5. I realize this may be a bit premature due to H5 not being out yet, however, I would like to start building a friends list (if I can't solidify a team) of people who are of similar skill to me and who I enjoy playing with before H5 releases.


A little background on myself, I started playing Halo early on in the Halo 3 era. I was terrible at first but quickly learned how to play and became a competent player (was a 50 in MLG). Unfortunately I was unable to attend any MLG events during H3 but did compete and win a couple small local tournaments (2v2 and FFA). I stopped playing Halo shortly after the drop of Halo Reach but have returned recently and have been playing daily waiting for H5.


I am looking to attend HCS events during this upcoming season (as well as compete online), however, I am not sure which ones I will be attending until the season 3 schedule is announced. I live near Toronto so East Coast events will be easier for me to attend.


If interested in either teaming or simply having people to run customs/matchmaking with hit me up at my Gamertag: L HighL1ghT L or reply below.

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