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Team of 2 Looking for 2 more

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Hey guys my gt is General 9in9er and my team mate is Aimstrict. We are looking for just 2 players to join use. All we want you guys to be able to do is work with use to become a good team. Hit me or Aimstrict up with a message. We have some time to get good as a team and we are ready to put in the time and effort to become great. We live near some upcoming events and are so ready to travel and have some fun along the way. I know it is hard to find a team, but trust me if we get 2 more people we are going to do stuff and have fun.



just as a reminder gt General 9in9er and Aimstrict

come one come all



cya guys


thank you

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I'm a F/A looking for a team. I am a solid player and looking to go to events. I have no problem putting in the time to practice and making sure we become a great team. Add me if you want to run some games together


Tag: LBesniper

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were also a team of two. we have a team name already but can adjust. if youre willing to practice at least a few hours every day or most days. reply back to this your ages. we are competitive players. were in our 20's. Also do you know callouts and spawns? if not thats ok because theyre easy to learn

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