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Find players for Customs and Matchmaking.

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Post below if you want to be invited to customs or want people to search matchmaking with.


Customs and matchmaking

Frosty Evades

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HD Simplicityy

Let me know you are from Beyond Ent...I dont like getting random friend requests from people I dont know unless they are from Waypoint or here. Just my two cents lol

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My gamertag is Batchford.

Let me know that you are Beyond. OG Gears player with a lot of experience.

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GT: Controversy LAL


Need people to play with terribly bad, every GoW player I know quit. lol.


I prefer Execution, but will play whatever.

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Hard VVay.  Only really down for MM though, but I'll play any playlist.  I am exactly average.

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If anyone wants to play, Im always down and need people to play with.



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