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Weight Training, Diet & Exercise Advice Thread

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cool, updated


funny how my 500 was like 1:39 when i hit 4:12ish on 1km, my "endurance" is/was so pitiful (lol endurance on a 1000m sprint but yea)

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I'm a nerd, just spent the last hour on the concept site watching their videos on form and technique.


I expect a direct correlation to occur with my rowing times haha

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lol I spent longer than that


it helped a lot though


they have a killer log system on their site btw I'd highly recommend it, tracks lifetime totals, weekly averages, etc.  and they even have some (small) prizes for hitting lifetime milestones and various timed challenges, like row x meters in 5 days, etc


they support it really well, makes sense since they're like the super dominant brand of the sport, seems like 99.99% of rowers use a concept 2, from noobs to olympians :p

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I had no idea at all that rowing was even a thing other than cross fit and as a cardio machine sitting in the gym. It's actually pretty sweet haha, and it's sweet seeing that concept2 has a good support base.


Only if 343 were half as good...on the other hand now I have more time for lifting haha

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yeah man


Rowing (irl) is definitely a niche sport but indoor rowing is 100x more accessible for most people, so they do a great job supporting it.  There's crazy competition out there, both indoor only guys and Olympic level water rowers.  There's even some pretty insane ultra marathon dudes who attempt stuff like most meters rowed in 24 hours, or the most insane one: how fast can you row 1 million meters (5 days 5 hours is the current best, can you imagine?)

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btw cats & boats leaderboard so far


500m - 1:25.9 (alex tk)

1k - 3:25.9 (vortex, assuming he wants to be included!)

2k - 7:11.9 (bfree)

5k - 20:26.1 (mike)

6k - 25:30.9 (mike)

30' - 7026m (mike)

10k - 46:17.9 (me)

60' - 12699m (me)


but the two i'm ahead in are only because no one else has even done a 10k or 60 min row yet lmao, my reign there will end shortly


gotta get fast!  fuckin alex with his 500, damn college football players :(

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I'll do a 500m tomorrow after I lift. 



- Yes , stretch before workouts (especially if you feel super right)


Awhile ago, but if you're talking about static stretching, I can't agree with that. That's definitely something you do not want to do before a strength workout. 





If you must stretch before a workout, make it a dynamic-type of warmup. Walking knee hugs/quad stretches, hip swings, lunges, arm circles, etc. (I personally prefer mashing my glutes/hips with a lacrosse ball.) Save the static stretches for the night/morning after a workout. 

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I feel like I wanna change that haha(I'm a biochemistry major). Other than test (which I don't feel like synthesizing due to illegality) I wanna mess with some other stuff haha and just not make a big deal about it


But then again the body does a good job of getting rid of excess of anything (except fat in my case lol) so I wonder if it would even be worth it to explore haha

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oh if youre looking to sponsor us, synthesize EPO instead


also, new PRs this week:

2k: 7:48.3

6k: 26:14.4

30': 6857 meters


progress chugging along slowly and steadily


there's an annual fall challenge that happens from sept 15 to oct 15-ish where people compete to row as many meters as they can.  going to keep my eye on it and use it as an excuse to step up my training volume and try to minimize the number of sessions where I just bust out a quick PR attempt and then maybe another 1k cooldown then leave because I'm too exhausted to do anything haha

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