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To2, have tons of MLG event exp

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Me and my boy need 2, Ive placed in pro bracket a few times back during MLG and my buddy Odin is a smart, dedicated guy. We want two to grind with before H5, and then do really well at the first few H5 events. 


29th raleigh 10

4th dc combine

6th dallas 10

23rd dallas 11


Have a sponsor lined up


Message me on xbl- Trigga Top 1


MATURE players wanted

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Hey man I am very interested. Is there a way to try out? maybe a 1v1 or so? add me on XBL. Timposssible.

Don't mind my KD, my roommates play unranked when I am at work. Willing to show my skills to really go Pro in H5

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Were looking for 2 as well. (VAValo/ Tacktikz)



MLG Chicago 05 (Team SA): MoB Valo, SA SaveTheKids, IN UR EYE, bluegtr72.

MLG Meadowlands 06 (MoB PagingConcepts.com): MoB Valo, MoB II Ghost II, MoB Para7rooper, MoB Axman tH.

MLG Anaheim 06 (MoB LeGendz): MoB Valo, MoB Marine, MoB Mentality, MoB Final Chaos.

EGL Madison 06 (MoB LeGendz): MoB Valo, MoB JROCK, MoB Erick Pwnz, MoB Mentality.

MLG Chicago 06 (Team iMH): MoB Valo, Disco Stu iMH, Dean_iMH, xRelapse. Top 32 TEAM, Top 128 FFA

EGL Chicago 07 (JROCK Has STD's): Valo, Vaskan, Jrock, Jbuck. 9th/12th TEAM, 15th FFA (Only Team I've been on with more than 1 day of practice)

MLG Meadowlands 07 (RejAnkulous): qp VALO qp, ii JR0ck ii, Twizted Ziff, hazardo. Top 128 FFA

MLG Chicago 07 (If Your Not 1st Your Last): qp VALO qp, xGatz, Starchy, Gomer1989.

MLG Nashville Combine 10 (AyR): Valo, xSn4ke, xSleepy, Tactikz. Top 64 FFA

MLG Chicago Combine 10 (?): Valo, xGatz, Splash, Rumble Pack. Top 64 FFA

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