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How can i use a photo on my phone in a reply when using my phone to browse the forums?


Copy/Paste? I think I've done that on iOS.

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Is there a way to increase posts/topics shown per page? I'd like to increase it if possible.

No option if IPB sadly.

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Hey @@CyReN is there a way we could get when you view someone's profile, you can sort their posts by reputation (highest rep'd post at the top etc.)?


Looked into it today, didn't see the option sorry.

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Premium (as of today) now has a Gold name :>

Good enough, I'll probably buy some at the beginning of January. :>

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SOOOOO... when are you guys gonna make the colours less infested of several serious diseases?

We're currently making tweaks which will be delivered to you in various forum updates.


Thank you for your continued feedback, patience and support.

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Whoever's idea it was to change the Premium/Staff colours around I very much like the swap.


Also, back onto Rep, is there a way to sort posts within a thread by rep? It's a good way to find the most valued feedback (and also some funny GIFs)?



We wanted to make everything more readable and for the Premium Members to stand out more! Thanks for the feedback.



Unsure about the sorting by rep, I will look around.

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Updated the colors, pretty final at this point. Thoughts?


Don't like the yellow as much as the blue or purple.


Visibility was fine with the blue color...

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