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Found 9 results

  1. Hey Guys/Gals, I was just curious as to what are some OG Gamertags you would love to have on Xbox Live?! I've been trying recently to get one that is impossible to get. Heck I would buy it if I could. The "OG Gamertag" that I want is Geo, just Geo.. Currently my XBL gamertag is OMFGeo, and it's always been some form of Geo since Xbox Live started and I thought it would be really cool and just unique to have that gamertag. So again my question to everyone is what "OG" XBL Gamertag do you guys have or wish you had?
  2. I know that basically everything that you have xbox related has to be wired. But, what about the controller? What would be the best controller to use that is allowed? So far I'm looking at This as my go to controller. Would it be allowed, or should I look for another controller? Edit: The reason why I ask because I'm new to the whole LAN scene. And AGL 10 is an hour away where I live.
  3. Since I'm having issues finding a decent controller at Gamestop, Walmart, etc. I would like to know what wired controllers you would recommend for LAN tournaments. I went through 5 controllers in the past week and all of them ended up being defected. I went through Rock Candy, Afterglow, and 3 of Microsoft's own wired controller,
  4. Hello everyone, my name's BrutallyDigital. Just recently I have started a livestream on twitch, and also getting back into Twitter, and Youtube. I've been a subscribed to Beyond Entertainment for 3 months now, and I thought about getting back into making videos on Youtube, and try something new. I'm excited to meet some people on here and possibly becoming friends. If you would like to, You can follow/subscribe to my channels: Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/J19Brutous Twitter:https://twitter.com/BrutallyDigital Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/brutallydigital Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBrutallyDigital Again, I'm just getting started on a few things and turning it into a habit. I appreciate any feedback that I get from anyone who thinks that I can improve on something. Always room to improve.
  5. Name: John Arreaga Gamertag: Luminite Shadow Age: 15 Where do I live: Miami, Fl Bio: To2 will be doing Online Tournaments and Going to AGL Events for the Winter and Summer seasons. Time I am on(Summer): All day Time I am on(School time): No Weekdays. I am on eveyweekend for the whole day. Time: EST Team Name: Next Generation Since when did I start Competitive Halo: 2009 If you are interested in join the team, add me on xbox. Luminite Shadow Teamates: Luminite Shadow, xNotLuckx
  6. Hey Guys! Arsonist here with a question for the community. What maps would you like to see make a return in the Next Halo? The other day I got to thinking about the classic Halo maps that will plague my mind forever (in a good way) and I really want 343i to bring 10 classic maps back at the beginning of "Halo 5" or whatever its called. Now this worked for Gears of War at the beginning of GoW2 and I really like the idea. This will also encourage other player to return because their favorite maps are back. So here is the challenge for you guys. Tell me what you want and list 10 maps that you would want back from Halo: CE, Halo 2 and Halo 3. I'm not including REACH because in my opinion that game sucked and every map was terrible. Here is a list of 10 I want and you guys can voice what you want! Get to it savages :gandhi: Maps: Halo:CE Battle Creek Blood Gulch Hang 'Em High Wizard Halo 2: Midship Lockout Sanctuary Ivory Tower Halo 3: Narrows Construct And if you can't tell I picked competitive maps :saucey:
  7. Hey all, my Youtube Channel is holding a contest!!!! We will be giving away a 3 Month Subscription to XBox Live once we reach 500 Subscribers. Pretty simple right? All you have to do is subscribe. Once 500 subs is reached, we will randomly select 1 subscriber, and send them a message through Youtube's Inbox. You then have 3 days to respond. GET SUBSCRIBED AND PASS THE WORD!!!! Click here for to go to our channel: GlazeLife Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLTDE_YbkEA
  8. Hey Ladies and Genital Men, So I started a Youtube Series called Arsunist Talks which has gotten some good feedback right out of the gate. A special someone told me he liked it :gandhi: So anyway cutting right to the chase, I need more things to talk about in the future. I get ideas of what I need to talk about right before I go on but I am just preparing for the day when I run out of topics. I will also do shout outs to people I feel deserve it and of course take any topic if its not to ridiculous. So guys and gals, this is what I offer to you. Give me some topics and I will squeeze them in every show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbgIFhqRehg
  9. Hi guys! I started this topic because I've noticed that in the Halo community we are lacking in the Halo content department on Youtube. Now either some people are going unnoticed or they just don't make content because they believe it won't get them anywhere. I wanted to start posting on this so the community can get more attention to their channels. I know that we could always watch GoBeyond, Gandhi, Ninja and other well known people, but where is the fun in that? We should venture out and look for new exciting people who can keep are appetite for more content at bay. Now I know its a stretch but there is a massive amount of Halo content that is just waiting to be seen. If there isn't, MAKE IT! It is also a good way to bring more attention back to Halo and to bring the community closer. (Even though THC pretty much drove us apart). Give it a chance and go explore! So in turn, I am making this thread so that you guys can get your Channels out there. Be kind and gentle when looking at someones channel and give them some (GOOD) feedback. No negativity! Just creative criticism so that they can make it better for you and for us. Maybe you will find a channel you really like and hit that big old SUBSCRIBE button. Make the move and be a good part of the community. I know I will sub to everyone who posts on this. You have my word Love, Arsonist <3 Also :Beyond Ent Logo: is doing what they can and I love them for this site and the content they make on Youtube. It's perfect.
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