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Found 4 results

  1. So many people are well aware of issues of twitch chats. Lots of people handle themselves in a fairly immature or inappropriate manner. But there is another problem I think that contributes to these problems and that is bad moderators in chats. Mods should conduct themselves in a professional manner. And many of them do a great job, they promote the streamer and they ban spammers quickly. But some mods abuse the power given them. Often times they will threaten people with timeouts if they disagree over whatever the topic may be, they ban people they don't personally get along with, or they talk in a demeaning way to other viewers. If people can't be polite and positive they really should just close the chat window and leave those trying to chat alone. I saw it today for example, in AGL's stream where mods were bashing on the AGL tournament. The streamer puts a level of trust in his or her mods. And when a moderator abuses the power given them it reflects badly on the Halo community as a whole and detracts from the joy of the viewers. When people tell other people in chats things like 'go kill yourself' it really is just uncalled for. And a lot of people say "well it is a twitch chat what do you expect"? Or "it is just a chat who cares"? But this view doesn't get anyone anywhere. People need to be respectful of other's views. Let's not take a step backwards when Halo as a whole is still trying to move forwards. Keep Calm. Stay Dersky.
  2. Hello everyone, my name's BrutallyDigital. Just recently I have started a livestream on twitch, and also getting back into Twitter, and Youtube. I've been a subscribed to Beyond Entertainment for 3 months now, and I thought about getting back into making videos on Youtube, and try something new. I'm excited to meet some people on here and possibly becoming friends. If you would like to, You can follow/subscribe to my channels: Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/J19Brutous Twitter:https://twitter.com/BrutallyDigital Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/brutallydigital Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBrutallyDigital Again, I'm just getting started on a few things and turning it into a habit. I appreciate any feedback that I get from anyone who thinks that I can improve on something. Always room to improve.
  3. So I check the streams on teambeyond and under halo streams lately I've seen people like Maven, Formal, Lethul, etc. But they are all playing counter strike. Now I'm not sure if it is the streamer still has their twitch set to display playing halo 4 if beyond just always shows halo streamers or what but I think people could take the 5 seconds to rectify this.
  4. What are peoples thoughts on Twitch teaming up with Xbox one? Do we think it will kill the live streaming community due to a new Halo in 2014? (To many people streaming not enough viewers) Or only invoke more people to play and stream? I think that a lot of good players and good commentators might get lost in the fray of people starting to stream, however i think it will get a lot more people into the community. Do you think there will be a cost? Would you have to be turbo?
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