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Found 7 results

  1. I'm going to keep this short and simple, sprint doesn't belong in Halo (don't stop reading though). Halo has a unique formula that plays amazingly well and not only draws players in, but maintains them. Sprint is not apart of that formula (neither are loadouts). Let me explain. To start, sprint, instant respawn, no descoping, and armor abilities are why small maps don't play well. With sprint you can get around the map much too quickly. Instant respawn allows you to just pick off enemies you leave one shot after getting out played. No descoping allows you to not miss and hit everything. Armor abilities give players get out of jail free cards, extra routes, and make maps more cluttered. We have dealt with instant respawn and armor abilities in the right way, next is descoping and sprint. Descoping will return in Halo 5, if it doesn't, then goodbye. Sprint we can deal with now though. It should be removed and pushed for no sprint in Halo 5. We need to focus on Halo 5 now. Right now is the early process of development. Loadouts and armor abilities have been in the last two Halos, we need to correct this. Back to sprint though, the most important issue with sprint is that it is near impossible to make a good map with sprint in Halo. Making fun maps is sooo much easier without sprint. 343i couldn't make more than one good map with sprint enabled.. Forgers are even having issues with it. The jumps that are possible with sprint, the routes that are easier, etc. Haven is a huge map if you weren't aware. Even in Halo 4 sprint needs to go. No sprint adds so much to gameplay. Remember the jump from plat to green in Halo 3? Pointless with sprint. Simple dynamics are lost with sprint. Sprint would ruin the good maps in Halo 3. How can you adjust the pit, narrows, construct, etc for sprint? You can't. Better maps, descoping, and in game ranks are top priority imo, and the best way to get better maps, is to remove sprint and add descoping back. (The rest isn't just about sprint) Also, please don't type adapt anywhere in any of your posts. It lowers everybody's IQ and I bought a Halo game. It should be the same in the core aspect of gameplay. New games should not change the core gameplay. When doing scientific experiments, scientists change one aspect and nothing else, that way they know what aspects work and which ones don't. 343i changed way too much, and at first we didn't know what worked and what didn't. As we filter through everything, we are finding our way home. If 343i wants to make their footprint on the Halo series, then release a Halo game. Don't change the gameplay, but add features. Add in game ranks, add a theater that works with multiple people, improve forge, work constantly on improving maps, add your own game mode (spartan ops/firefight/something better), add in spectator mode, etc. Add in features, don't change the gameplay. I don't mind spartan ops/mantis type updates because it is something new, but it doesn't break the game. Do these kinds of things, but don't detract from the Halo experience. Please learn from your mistakes, and do the following for gameplay reasons: -remove flinch -remove armor abilties -remove loadouts -remove sprint -remove ordances -add in descoping -add in moving while holding back button -add in camo/os orbs (maybe this is where you can get creative and add in other orbs) -Spend more time on maps -Bring in Warriors and Ambush mutiple times throughout Halo 5's development, as well as Salot, Ghostayame, Diesel, Gandhi, and Maven to test out maps, weapons, powerups/orbs, settings, new gametypes, old gametypes, functionality, etc. The best will find flaws first. Incourage them to talk directly to the big shots and those in charge. Make esports known throughout the entire office. Meet with MLG, AGL, UMG, and Ghostayame to make sure that the throwdown/competitive settings will be 95% the same with the casual settings. That's why Halos 1-3 were successful. The game was fun and competitive without changing anything. Do this, and you will be successful.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIEOfhXYQgQ Do you think that the competitive communities voice ways more or do you think everyone should have their say???
  3. Sorry for the typo in the title, I meant to say " Possible counter for the exploitation of sprint" lol So we all know that sprint makes every Tom, Dick and Harry into a Houdini, but what if we make sprint less advantageous. For instance, a player sprinting( sprint animation) becomes a 3skBR, 6skCarbine, etc.. By making a "sprinter" more vulnerable, it should hopefully punish players for bad positioning/decisioning making. Another concern that came to mind was the new resistor armor mod. I have a eerie feeling that there will be a dramatic increase in the amount of sprint+sword combos and sprint+ double melee combos in MM Thoughts?
  4. Does sprint and descope belong in halo? Before you guys stop reading and say no to sprint and yes to descope. I like sprint. I know you'll probably say that it is a get out of jail free card but I would disagree. With the 4sk BR how many people do you find getting away. A good 4v4 team rarely lets someone get away because of callouts. In FFA who ever gets away alive from a blood bath? Not many. Using sprint even gets you punished sometimes. If you sprint around a corner and someone is there you immediately lose the battle because of the animation. The 4 shot BR makes this quick and easy. You might say that sprint destroys map and power weapon control. But this is not true. Whichever team in 4v4 controls power weapons have an upper hand. In H3 people rushed power weapons and power ups. In H4 the same thing happens. As someone who played H3 and enjoyed it can no longer stand it. I feel that the gameplay is not fast enough. The gaming industry is changing and Halo is too. Map control still exists it is just different now. Descope was a core feature in the original halo trilogy. The main argument for descope is competent snipers are near unstoppable. I think that a good way to fix this is to add descope to sniper class weapons only. These weapons being the sniper rifles, beam rifles, and binaries. This fixes the problem while allowing long range BR fights to flow seamlessly. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THIS AND BACK UP POINTS WITH REASONS
  5. The terrible innovation that they included. Keep in mind I'm coming from a casuals and competitive point of view both. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1SKHJmg7HA
  6. Given that we have the option to remove sprint does the community think we should remove it from Team Throwdown with one of the next iterations. I personally think if we remove sprint we should use 125% movement speed and 95% gravity to keep certain jumps on the maps working. Vote to get our voices heard and discuss! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please also post on this thread to keep it on top so as many people as possible have the opportunity to see this and give their votes/input! Also don't hate if someone has a different opinion. Don't bash community members or developers. Be respectful and polite.
  7. I've been thinking about sprint and the inevitable fight that will be had over the coming months/years about sprint in Halo and how the Halo community is going to deal with it moving forward. I just wanted to post my idea about what could be done to satisfy both competitive and casual players alike who enjoy pure Halo as it was for the most part through the first three titles (like myself) and those who have come later and/or enjoy the new changes to the multiplayer of Halo. I'll keep it short as possible. My idea is to move sprint to a base trait or armor ability that is used to enhance the experience of Big Team Battle gametypes on the large Halo maps intended for teams of 8 (or perhaps more in the next Halo), as well as being a custom game option that you can toggle on/off if you want to create custom gametypes that utilize sprint in whatever ways you can dream up. In the base Halo multiplayer experience, I.E. gametypes with teams of 4 players or less, you will be playing without sprint on small to medium sized maps designed without sprint in mind. These days I am mostly playing Halo 1 and 2 on XBC. Whenever I find myself messing around on maps like Coag or Waterworks, I occasionly make a long journey on foot across these maps and for the first time in my life, actually WANTING to have the option to sprint in Halo. In past Halos, you got around big maps in two ways. 1. Teleporters. 2. Vehicles. Now, I have absolutely no problems with this at all as someone who grew up playing big maps in this way. However, now that sprint has been introduced and used twice in the last two consecutive titles, I feel using it in big maps with large teams as well as easily switched on in custom options is a good middle ground to land on for the future of the series.
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