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Found 3 results

  1. I'm going to keep this short and simple, sprint doesn't belong in Halo (don't stop reading though). Halo has a unique formula that plays amazingly well and not only draws players in, but maintains them. Sprint is not apart of that formula (neither are loadouts). Let me explain. To start, sprint, instant respawn, no descoping, and armor abilities are why small maps don't play well. With sprint you can get around the map much too quickly. Instant respawn allows you to just pick off enemies you leave one shot after getting out played. No descoping allows you to not miss and hit everything. Armor abilities give players get out of jail free cards, extra routes, and make maps more cluttered. We have dealt with instant respawn and armor abilities in the right way, next is descoping and sprint. Descoping will return in Halo 5, if it doesn't, then goodbye. Sprint we can deal with now though. It should be removed and pushed for no sprint in Halo 5. We need to focus on Halo 5 now. Right now is the early process of development. Loadouts and armor abilities have been in the last two Halos, we need to correct this. Back to sprint though, the most important issue with sprint is that it is near impossible to make a good map with sprint in Halo. Making fun maps is sooo much easier without sprint. 343i couldn't make more than one good map with sprint enabled.. Forgers are even having issues with it. The jumps that are possible with sprint, the routes that are easier, etc. Haven is a huge map if you weren't aware. Even in Halo 4 sprint needs to go. No sprint adds so much to gameplay. Remember the jump from plat to green in Halo 3? Pointless with sprint. Simple dynamics are lost with sprint. Sprint would ruin the good maps in Halo 3. How can you adjust the pit, narrows, construct, etc for sprint? You can't. Better maps, descoping, and in game ranks are top priority imo, and the best way to get better maps, is to remove sprint and add descoping back. (The rest isn't just about sprint) Also, please don't type adapt anywhere in any of your posts. It lowers everybody's IQ and I bought a Halo game. It should be the same in the core aspect of gameplay. New games should not change the core gameplay. When doing scientific experiments, scientists change one aspect and nothing else, that way they know what aspects work and which ones don't. 343i changed way too much, and at first we didn't know what worked and what didn't. As we filter through everything, we are finding our way home. If 343i wants to make their footprint on the Halo series, then release a Halo game. Don't change the gameplay, but add features. Add in game ranks, add a theater that works with multiple people, improve forge, work constantly on improving maps, add your own game mode (spartan ops/firefight/something better), add in spectator mode, etc. Add in features, don't change the gameplay. I don't mind spartan ops/mantis type updates because it is something new, but it doesn't break the game. Do these kinds of things, but don't detract from the Halo experience. Please learn from your mistakes, and do the following for gameplay reasons: -remove flinch -remove armor abilties -remove loadouts -remove sprint -remove ordances -add in descoping -add in moving while holding back button -add in camo/os orbs (maybe this is where you can get creative and add in other orbs) -Spend more time on maps -Bring in Warriors and Ambush mutiple times throughout Halo 5's development, as well as Salot, Ghostayame, Diesel, Gandhi, and Maven to test out maps, weapons, powerups/orbs, settings, new gametypes, old gametypes, functionality, etc. The best will find flaws first. Incourage them to talk directly to the big shots and those in charge. Make esports known throughout the entire office. Meet with MLG, AGL, UMG, and Ghostayame to make sure that the throwdown/competitive settings will be 95% the same with the casual settings. That's why Halos 1-3 were successful. The game was fun and competitive without changing anything. Do this, and you will be successful.
  2. Always wondered, never knew why, never was told why. So does anybody know why? :blink:
  3. This thread's intended purpose is to collect a healthy and constructive amount of ideas, requests, concerns, and changes in the transition from the upcoming V4 settings into the (assumed) V5 settings. With the V4 settings compiled and shown in the V4/team Throwdown Discussion Thread, we now have a concrete idea of what will be included as far as gametypes and maps, as well as the settings and load outs used. With that being said, it is never too early to look ahead and speculate as to what should and may need to be changed in the transition to V5. Included topics will be anything involving the weapons, weapon placements, power ups, AAs, settings, maps, changes to map layouts, and gametypes that you want to see or think should be included/removed within the next iteration. Please try your best to have good reasoning and well thought out discussion points to back what you say, and be respectful of others posts (obviously). Personally I have a few off the top of my head that I'd like to get out there: •I know that adrift isn't exactly the fan favorite, but if we keep it (which we should, considering it's on disc) I would like to see a weapon placement change involved an OS on top mid, while rockets are put on blue corner, replacing one of the sniper rifles. This way, we have a more malleable choice to make in the beginning of the match, as well as options and scenarios that the flag carrier can play with. Also, taking one power weapon out of the equation will help with the congestion of the hallways, thus helping map movement. I'd really like to see this at least tested out, just to see how it plays. •No sprint, increase Base movement up to 110%. Sprint is a detriment and a crutch, and why it was even put into this game after it was taken out of Reach due to it's unpopularity baffles me. It makes map design drab and boring, devalues map control and power positions, lower the effectiveness of call outs, allows mistakes to go unpunished, and causes more CQC than needed. •If we do go with NS settings, scale the maps down to a suitable size for jumps and routes to still be accessible even without sprint. •Consider Damage Boost as an offensive power up to be controlled on at least one map. DB is plenty capable for utilization as a map placed power up to be controlled for offensive strategy. It only lasts 30 seconds, meaning it must be used quickly, thus disrupting stand offs and speeding up gameplay; It would be a perfectly viable opposite to OS, allowing for a team that is down to turn the tables through a perfectly balanced and fair scenario; it would open up the games sandbox more than we already have; and it would give plenty of help to the metagame, giving many new and exciting strategies to be devised and executed. •Consider a new map remake. When I say new, I mean something that we haven't seen remade for tournament play. I, personally, would love to see Cold Storage or Construct be remade for this game. Both play extremely well and have proven their competitive nature through trial and error. I understand people have a thing against remade maps, but they don't make a new NASCAR track ever year for a reason. Muscle memory makes for exciting plays and strategies. Please be respectful and constructive to others when posting. GO! Compiled list of requests and concerns: Consider replacing Dispatch with a more complex map (Ender, Strident, Confined have been mentioned) Change OS to 90 second timer rather than current 120 second Evaluate Adrift power placements Consider changing weapon spawns on Dispatch 2 PW, 1 PU instead of 3 PW, 1 PU. Consider inclusion of DB/SB in replacement of PW implement NS settings/gametypes/maps if possible Increase base player speed to 120% instead of 110% lower gravity to 95% Consider sliced Monolith as a replacement for Adrift. Switching from dynamic player spawns to a static spawn system Find and test relevant and viable asymmetrical maps Adjust and evaluate quicker spawn timers for PW/PU to match our quicker sandbox after the weapon balancing. Consider changes to abandon's weapon layout (Sniper gold court, rockets/railgun on beach, OS fine) evaluate Shotguns/Scattershots and their viability as usable PW within the settings Push for a Custom PU/Camo pick up for placement on maps. Consider placement of PW/PU on bottom mid court of Haven Make fixing KoTH/Oddball for competitive settings a priority for MM team, so they can be utilized in rotation Encourage the use of maps from multiple forgers Remove OS from initial spawns, consider 90 second timers Consider using KoTH even with points glitch, but modify settings to increase metagame
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