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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, so I came across this post on the web from a few days ago which ended with a description of an unconfirmed leak about 343i's plan for Halo 5. I have no idea if this was already posted on these forums so I apologize if it was already brought up. http://www.idigitaltimes.com/articles/18920/20130718/halo-5-trailer-rumor-comic-con-2013.html Here is the part of the rumor that really stood out to me: Multiplayer: Split between two categories. Halo Wararena is basically Halo 2 reloaded. No loadouts, no armor abilites and perks. Player Count 8-16, game types are Slayer, CTF(yes classic Halo CTF ), King of the Hill, Assault, Oddball.... Static weapon spawns, more weapons on map which means more ammo, weapons wont respawn as quick as in Halo 4 The seconds multiplayer category is titles Halo Battlefield (not final name obviously). Those are basically really big teams battles like 32-64. Gameplay is more inline with Invasion from Halo Reach. Custom Loadouts, "armor abilites" (more like class abilites), Vehicles, Infinity like call ins So what do you guys think of this rumor? Is it too good to be true? ***Edit: I think this rumor may have already been debunked BUT this wouldn't be a bad idea for 343i to consider.
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