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Found 1 result

  1. Im so sad i miss memories of halo 2 and halo 3 why did everything half to go downhill with reach than halo 4 was like a dagger to the heart . Watching halo 3 montages gives me so much nostalgia and it just makes me pissed because 343 thinks they can change everything from halos core and expect people to like it! 343 for halo 5 we need to go back to halos roots of gameplay no more armor abilitys, no sprint, no loadouts, no ordnance, NONE OF THAT NOOBY Yoink!! halo 3 had 100 of thousands of people playing it and look at halo 4 it barely reachs 30k at peak hours! This is why we must go back halo 3 was a funner more balanced game and was a downright success halo 4 however has lost so much of its population since launch if u dont believe me look at the charts. All im saying is go play halo 3/halo 2 and build off that game no more reach/halo 4 stuff its nooby and does not belong in halo!!!!! Come on 343 u got the talent go back to halos roots and make it a beast game i know u guys can do it! Do not tell me that u dont want halo to turn into cod because it stays the same who cares!!! add a few new guns game types weapons etc but keep it to the halos core why do u think cod is such a succesful franchise cause the fans know what there getting!!!! Halo 3 Montage: Population charts: http://halocharts.com/2013/playlists_halo4.php Dam now those numbers tell us why we most go back to traditional gameplay cause the majority of people are disatisfied with your game! 343 GO BACK TO HALOS ROOTS OR YOUR GAME WILL FAIL AGAIN!!!!!!!! Put the ranks in ranked playlist to and divide ranked and social!!!
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