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Found 9 results

  1. Sheney' has returned for one last Final Halo 2 montage using clips from Halo MCC on the Xbox. One of the stars of Zola's Trinity returns to close out his Final Montage Trilogy with his montage entitled " Final Final Final." https://youtu.be/UJPnKWTPgiA - Hawk
  2. Check out this new Halo 4 Montage trailer I just edited for a buddy of mine! Leave your feedback so I can grow with my editing skills and like the video if you enjoyed! Thanks!
  3. What's up guys, some of you here may know me, and some may not, so I'll introduce my self here first. My name is Patrick "SunShiine", and I've been a montage editor since early 2010. I've made many big montages that appeared on the old FBWalshyFTW youtube account, some featured on Bungie back in the day, and have tens of thousands of youtube views on some videos. But today I'm here to ask the community to submit clips for a community montage/funtage that I'm wanting to put together in the near future. I had the idea of making a purely Action Sack montage at first, but after much consideration I've tweaked my guidelines a bit. I'm wanting to make a fun feeling montage with good clips, unique clips, random fails/accidental clips, nice multikills, whatever. However, I don't want a lot of tryhard throwdown clips, huge multikills on noobs in Infinity, etc. Here are some guidelines and different types of clips I'd like to use for the video: -Action Sack Clips (MINUS LIGHTNING FLAG, Fiesta, Rock'n'Rail, Binary all acceptable) -Any clips from DLC maps (All War Games Map Pass maps) -Any clips from Ricochet and/or Pit/Vertigo -Fun clips (etc. Funny ninjas, betrayals, splatters, random cool clips, 2for1's, ricochet/bounce snipes off floor/walls/etc) -NO CLIPS FROM BTB (I'll make few exceptions depending on the clip) -ABSOLUTELY NO SWAT I mainly don't want clips from regular playlists or huge multis/tryhard clips unless they're cool/unique/funny/have a cool bit within them. Just want a fun, laidback, enjoyable video to create since Halo 4 is lacking in that department. I want to make a video that everyone will enjoy, and my goal is to get people who hate watching the game and H4 videos in general enjoy the video for the most part. I will leave all my contact info below, and you can send me XBL messages with fileshare slots, send me precapped clips, whatever. I'll be ultimately capping everything myself later on, and doing all the editing myself unless someone wants to do an edit collab/dual edit than just let me know. Thanks for your times boys and I hope to see some submissions! EDIT: I've been getting questions regarding the type of clip and amount of clips you can submit. Clips from nearly ANY playlist are good, except from BTB and SWAT specifically. The guidelines above are merely types of clips I'd LIKE to use and see, but I'm not limiting anyone as to playlist or type of clip. If you have a sick throwdown overkill, send it in. If you have a splatter killtac, send that in. I'm not picky, I just want unique clips that are different and fun to watch and give the video a nice feel. ALSO, send in as many clips as you'd like! I might not use all clips provided, but I won't turn you down based off the clips you provide. Contact: Youtube.com/DSxDesigns XBL : Hi Im SunShiine Email : [email protected] Skype : imSunShiine AIM : Im The SunShiine Twitter : @SunShiine_TLC
  4. Hey guys, I'm a montage/video editor for Beyond Entertainment. I've been editing Halo for almost 4 years now, and I've really been wanting to try out a CoD edit. Anyone have some good gameplay? Hit me up on Skype or Twitter: Skype: The_Snipetality Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/Snipetality Youtube: http://www.Youtube.com/iSnip3tality - Snipetality
  5. Post your best montage song links/titles in the comments
  6. Hey everyone, After the last AGL montage, there seemed to be a lack of gameplay/general clips in there. So I thought as a community we could go through some rebroadcasts and find clips for the next one, to help them make a great event montage So heres what to post: Sick clips and clutch plays/chokes Funny moments from the commentators Funny facecam moments (like the Ola one from last event) Try to format like this: Link to specific broadcast; Time of Clip; Short description Example: http://www.twitch.tv/arenagamingleague/b/433871678; 6:10:00 Dersky runs in the tournament winning flag while Ace gets a triple All the rebroadcasts can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/arenagamingleague/profile/pastBroadcasts Lets try to help AGL make a great montage from a fantastic tournament Thanks, Heathen
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0mV7FZM61k Gameplay - Cadded Edited by - UR Lunchbox (Myself) I really hope you enjoy, Feedback is appreciated.
  8. This was scrapped, (I still have no idea why). The rest was going to be edited by Muggsy.
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