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Found 1 result

  1. So I was thinking... and if you think about it this whole forum is essentially the biggest #FirstWorldProblems of all time. I mean, nothing but page upon page upon page of text put in about complaints about what in the grand scheme of things are minor grievances. So, in the nature of Dersky optimism, but mostly just in the nature of curiosity, I'd like to pose the following question: What did halo 4 do right? What were the additions/ changes made in halo 4 that you feel need to stay in for halo 5? DOESN'T JUST HAVE TO BE ABOUT MECHANICS! I'll start: I think this game obviously looks incredible. It plays very, very smoothly too. Impact looks so goddamn amazing. traditional halo jumping height made a return- which is awesome. I personally like hitmarkers The sounds are fucking awesome. Every weapons is just great to hear. They were built from the ground up for this game. Weapon skins are a nice addition. Obviously I don't think anyone here really cares about this, and I'm probably just making myself sound like a complete noob by even voicing this, but I think a little aesthetic customization on your weapons is cool. hitscan. No more shitty online halo 3 BR. People may argue which is better for lan, but I don't think there can even be a question about which is better for online. Promethean weapons!! The lightrifle is a fantastic addition to the halo sandbox. Many people even wanted it as the primary competitive weapon. Boltshot is like a more skilled version of the mauler, although it definitely should not be given as a loadout option. Promethean nades too. And don't forget. Sarah Palmer. So without further ado, what would you like see added or subtracted from this list, and do you have anything else to say about what I have in it?
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