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Found 5 results

  1. Hello there, My name is Alex, but you can also call me Geo. I've been playing Halo since Halo 2. I grew up playing Halo with my dad, so technically I started back in CE, but i would really say I'm an H2 kid. I'm 21 years old and currently in college, studying Graphic Design/Business, but I already have an Associates Degree in Video Game Design and I'm just looking to expand my artistic ability further to help me in the future. I played Halo religiously throughout my years, up until Reach came out and I just couldn't bother playing it, so I went to COD for a couple years till Halo 4 came out. I'm extremely competitive when it comes to Halo, I always strive to get better and be the best. I've competed at some locals in Iowa (where I live) and I've also competed in 1 Cod Iowa local event where I placed 1st (woo!). Overall I love the competitive gaming scene when it comes to FPS's, but Halo has my heart. I look forward to conversing with all of you and maybe seeing some of you at any events I'm able to attend. :maven: XBL GT: OMFGeo
  2. Hello to everyone here at Beyond! As you might have guessed my name is Adam (also known as Az) and I hail from the highlands of the mighty Scotland. I've been involved with the European scene and attending events since 2010. Currently still attending European Gaming League and Insomnia events as well as being a part of Europe's biggest talk show similar to the American Halo Council, named Back 2 Basics. But I'm not here to dribble or promote I'm here to introduce myself properly. I'm 24 years of age and despite what stereotype you may place me as I'm far from ginger but yes I have worn a kilt in my time. I come from the European forum known as TopMid and I thought there's no harm in branching out since I know the scene is far from the glory days it once was. I currently reside in the town of Glasgow. I drive a beautiful BMW and I have a beard. I've also spoken to several Americans in my time. P33PINGTOM and Matt Excels being a few. Not to mention I managed to talk away to Ninja when he was drunk over here in the UK. So I'm in no way out of the loop in terms of what's going on your side of the planet Halo wise. Hopefully get more active on this site and see what it has to offer. I'm a big social networking type so if you feel like it give me a follow on Twitter and I'll be sure to return the favour. During my time here I'd like to get more involved with this scene. So as we say. In a bit!
  3. ElekTriX


    Good to see the site up and running! Hey everyone, I'm from Aus but I've been playing since the Halo CE days, and I'm keen to see some Aus/NZ customs running from the people on here (just for connection but I'm not picky no anyone else hit me up too Anyways hi all
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Jared, and I have been a Halo player since the Start. I am an active YouTuber, who post Halo Content on a regular basis. I do Competitive video's, as well as Casual one's. I like to keep things mixed up a little. If you wanna know my backround in the competitive scene. Going back to Halo 2 I did many local lan tournaments here in Nebraska. At Lincoln, and Omaha. Also have been to a few small ones in some neighboring towns as well. It seems like people forgot who I am. Back then I was known as Flip Shot. I know a stupid name. My goal was to eventually move up from local lan events, and start competing at MLG event's. But I have rare condition with my eye's, and they started to go bad. So I had to rethink things. I wasn't able to play the way I use too. It kinda made me depressed. So I quite Halo all together. But I figured out that wasn't the right thing to do. I love Halo, and it's community to much. So I came back. I figured I may not be able to compete in competitions like I wanted. But I can still be usefull to the community. So that led me to start doing Youtube video's. Now here at the present. I have that urge to compete again. I know it may be hard to do. I am blind now in my left eye. As for my right eye. It can only see as good as 20/80 vision. But I have to try, and even if it don't work out, and I can't compete. I Will help the Halo community out any way I can. I don't care if its helping some one get an achievement, answering a question, or being a good teammate. I do what I can. Well that's it. Hope I didn't bore anyone too much.
  5. Epic

    Hai Der

    Elloh. I'm a Halo player from Finland; my Gamertag is EpiTappi and I came here to say hi. >Hi. Also, the site looks great. Keep up teh good work guise. @EpiTappi
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