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Found 61 results

  1. Hello, people who clicked on this post. Karma is a gaming community that includes all games, so bring your own! We are currently at 43 members and hope to make it to 500 by 2022. Much love, Garbxge (2nd Admin) For more info contact: Mouio (Xbox GT) Discord: https://discord.gg/AUA87zUMPs
  2. Hi there, I'm brand new to the forum and I'm hoping this is a good place to do this. I just poured my heart and soul into a Halo lore video, the first of it's kind for me. It goes pretty in depth exploring some concepts described in the descriptions of the new armor sets added to Halo 3 in MCC. I'd love some constructive criticism if you guys wouldn't mind checking it out. Thanks in advance! Link: https://youtu.be/5T1HppI4glk
  3. All I can find is 16 bit flac files. I want Wav high res files of the Halo 2 anniversary soundtrack. Does anyone have it?
  4. So I was wondering with the new update out today do you think 343 has won back your trust after what they did in making of halo 4, or do you think they would cock it up again in halo 5 or whatever they next halo could be?
  5. I'm going to keep this short and simple, sprint doesn't belong in Halo (don't stop reading though). Halo has a unique formula that plays amazingly well and not only draws players in, but maintains them. Sprint is not apart of that formula (neither are loadouts). Let me explain. To start, sprint, instant respawn, no descoping, and armor abilities are why small maps don't play well. With sprint you can get around the map much too quickly. Instant respawn allows you to just pick off enemies you leave one shot after getting out played. No descoping allows you to not miss and hit everything. Armor abilities give players get out of jail free cards, extra routes, and make maps more cluttered. We have dealt with instant respawn and armor abilities in the right way, next is descoping and sprint. Descoping will return in Halo 5, if it doesn't, then goodbye. Sprint we can deal with now though. It should be removed and pushed for no sprint in Halo 5. We need to focus on Halo 5 now. Right now is the early process of development. Loadouts and armor abilities have been in the last two Halos, we need to correct this. Back to sprint though, the most important issue with sprint is that it is near impossible to make a good map with sprint in Halo. Making fun maps is sooo much easier without sprint. 343i couldn't make more than one good map with sprint enabled.. Forgers are even having issues with it. The jumps that are possible with sprint, the routes that are easier, etc. Haven is a huge map if you weren't aware. Even in Halo 4 sprint needs to go. No sprint adds so much to gameplay. Remember the jump from plat to green in Halo 3? Pointless with sprint. Simple dynamics are lost with sprint. Sprint would ruin the good maps in Halo 3. How can you adjust the pit, narrows, construct, etc for sprint? You can't. Better maps, descoping, and in game ranks are top priority imo, and the best way to get better maps, is to remove sprint and add descoping back. (The rest isn't just about sprint) Also, please don't type adapt anywhere in any of your posts. It lowers everybody's IQ and I bought a Halo game. It should be the same in the core aspect of gameplay. New games should not change the core gameplay. When doing scientific experiments, scientists change one aspect and nothing else, that way they know what aspects work and which ones don't. 343i changed way too much, and at first we didn't know what worked and what didn't. As we filter through everything, we are finding our way home. If 343i wants to make their footprint on the Halo series, then release a Halo game. Don't change the gameplay, but add features. Add in game ranks, add a theater that works with multiple people, improve forge, work constantly on improving maps, add your own game mode (spartan ops/firefight/something better), add in spectator mode, etc. Add in features, don't change the gameplay. I don't mind spartan ops/mantis type updates because it is something new, but it doesn't break the game. Do these kinds of things, but don't detract from the Halo experience. Please learn from your mistakes, and do the following for gameplay reasons: -remove flinch -remove armor abilties -remove loadouts -remove sprint -remove ordances -add in descoping -add in moving while holding back button -add in camo/os orbs (maybe this is where you can get creative and add in other orbs) -Spend more time on maps -Bring in Warriors and Ambush mutiple times throughout Halo 5's development, as well as Salot, Ghostayame, Diesel, Gandhi, and Maven to test out maps, weapons, powerups/orbs, settings, new gametypes, old gametypes, functionality, etc. The best will find flaws first. Incourage them to talk directly to the big shots and those in charge. Make esports known throughout the entire office. Meet with MLG, AGL, UMG, and Ghostayame to make sure that the throwdown/competitive settings will be 95% the same with the casual settings. That's why Halos 1-3 were successful. The game was fun and competitive without changing anything. Do this, and you will be successful.
  6. Made this videos for any new competitive Players that came to the competitive scene after Halo4GC. What do you think??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PT_moEmjBP0
  7. Check out this new Halo 4 Montage trailer I just edited for a buddy of mine! Leave your feedback so I can grow with my editing skills and like the video if you enjoyed! Thanks!
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIEOfhXYQgQ Do you think that the competitive communities voice ways more or do you think everyone should have their say???
  9. I know that basically everything that you have xbox related has to be wired. But, what about the controller? What would be the best controller to use that is allowed? So far I'm looking at This as my go to controller. Would it be allowed, or should I look for another controller? Edit: The reason why I ask because I'm new to the whole LAN scene. And AGL 10 is an hour away where I live.
  10. I am Stryker and have been gaming for most of my life. I started playing halo when I was like 9 years old which started with halo1, and I am now 20 years old. I have been playing the game ever since and have always enjoyed it very much. I have competed at multiple events, and below are my placing's. My Halo Placing's Consist of: Halo 2 - 07 Meadowlands - Losers Rd7 Teams - LOA / 25th FFA Halo 2 - 07 Dallas - Top 32 Teams - LOA Wu Tang Financial / 18th FFA Halo 2 - 07 Chicago - 17th Teams - LOA Wu Tang Financial / Losers RD7 FFA Halo 4 - AGL4 New Jersey - Event Winner 1st Place - Team Faded Halo 4 - AGL5 Nashville - Top 12 - Team Faded Halo 4 - AGL6 Pittsburgh - Top 8 - Team Faded I have also competed at local LAN's and have won multiples. I currently have an invite to the #Halo4GC finals in Seattle, but due to financial issues I will not be able to make it. If anyone knows of a sponsor who would like to help get me there please send any inquiries to [email protected] . Thank you! Make sure to check out my Youtube http://www.youtube.com/TeamFadedHalo4 . Also make sure to follow me on twitter @StrykersFADED @FADED_H4 I do follow back! -Stryker
  11. So with the Xbone it's rumored that 32v32 multiplayer will be possible. That coupled with the fact that within the current Halo 4 casual audience BTB is the most popular playlist, what do you think the chances are that bigger teams with vehicles and such becomes a standard competitve format for future Halo titles? I'm not by any means suggesting it replace 4v4, but be more of an alternative such as 2v2. Is it possible to make truely competitive 8v8 settings on par with what we have for 4v4? if so what would they be? How would they be different? If such settings were developed, would it be possible that the current Halo 4 casual audience may be more inclined to watch a competitive BTB event over a 4v4? Would you watch a competitve 8v8 tournament? test the water with an AGL event? perhaps just a side event like the allstar matches? Highest seed teamed with lowest seed and so on (Idunno :P)? Halo 4 Global Battle? Imagine? ..but seriously what are ya'lls thoughts?
  12. Since I'm having issues finding a decent controller at Gamestop, Walmart, etc. I would like to know what wired controllers you would recommend for LAN tournaments. I went through 5 controllers in the past week and all of them ended up being defected. I went through Rock Candy, Afterglow, and 3 of Microsoft's own wired controller,
  13. Hey everyone who still plays this game… We’re on the hunt for a player for AGL Indianapolis in early November. If you’re interested and fit the qualities specified below, you’re more than welcome to add or message me (especially if friends list is full) on my gamertag: “KinetiKzZz” But before you figure out what we’re looking for, why not get to know us a little bit to see if you’re interested… -------------------------------------- Our Current Roster: We are a team of 3 from Indiana and Arizona. The 2 players from Indiana are at Purdue University and have been a team of 2 for 3 years now. We’ve got some experience under our belts going from 20-30 tournament wins a piece that are NOT MLG events and AGL events. 4v4s, 2v2, and FFAs, totaling to a little over $10,000 in winnings. I can give more details if necessary – messaging me is a good idea if you’d like to talk about anything ^_^ We have 5 and 6 MLG event experiences placing at top 32 area as well as 1 AGL event under our belt. We’ve had multiple sponsors, full ride and all Currently are on the hunt to get some sponsors and have some lined up, but they’d like to see some progress from the team from things before start rolling into motion. If there are any other questions that you have about us as individuals, experience, or how we are as a team etc…lemme know We will not be needing a hotel, and are going to be searching for the sponsors to pay for the entry fee, and preferably the plane ticket necessary for our Arizona player as well as YOU! (if necessary)…otherwise, we’ll see what comes up. Our current sponsors don’t pay for too much and we only have 2, but I do believe we have team shirts currently ready to go. ------------------------------------------------------------ What we’re looking for: 1 player ! We’re looking for a selfless player that understands it isn’t about K/D or showing off. Knowing that the win at the end of the game is all that matters. Knowing that they do not have to have every power weapon in the game in their hand when it could be more useful in a different teammates, etc. We aren’t looking to mess around with people who aren’t experienced at around our level or above. So if you don’t have decent experience at an AGL or MLG event and proof of it, multiple, not just one event, then I apologize ahead of time, but no need to continue on reading from here unfortunately. With this said, I shouldn’t tell you what type of player we are looking for or what we need … you should understand how to play at a high end level already. All high end competitive level gaming isn’t personal skill. At this level, you should be able to never miss a shot, etc.etc.etc… The difference is teamwork, awareness, and mentality. If you have a shit attitude, you’re out of the question already. We currently have a pretty aggressive OBJ player, as well as a slayer, and an in-betweener. So we can allow anything to fit at this point, but “roles” shouldn’t be something to have to talk about. Again, if you’re interested go ahead and add me or message me if full at my gametrag: “KinetiKzZz” We’d like to finish trying people out and deciding on a definite 4th ASAP to get as much practice and team chemistry built up as much as possible, especially to go ahead and get sponsorships under control as well. Any questions, feel free to post or message me! Thanks <3
  14. Hey i'm Sev and i'm in need of people to play Halo with! I'm a decent player who is slowly improving. I prefer objective gametypes and i'm always looking for the win. I'm looking to get more competitive. I'll play matchmaking but i'm sick of playing solo! Invite me to matchmaking, customs, or just send me a FR GT: zSev
  15. This was the question on my mind all afternoon. Discuss.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lww2dO-Pp4U
  17. Now that Halo is not a part of MLG why do we still use continuation? It seems absolutely pointless and puts a lot of mental pressure on the losing team (hints why we don't see many teams come back and win off of a continuation series that they are down in). Take for instance the series with BTH vs Severance in losers finals BTH is up 3-0 against Severance so that means Severance has to win 6 games and BTH has to win 3 but how is that fair since they are both in loser's? Severance has to essentially beat BTH twice while BTH is already in loser's. Also no one else uses continuation not EVO or SC2 and LoL in Korea and tournaments outside of MLG. So why do we continue to use it? When no one else seems to use it because they all believe each series is a new series between teams. I think we need to take a serious look at this format.
  18. For those of you who didn't already know, Halo 2 Vista is free, and the servers are still up.(Thanks to Bsangel[1] and the Halo 2 community.) Skip this portion of the guide if you want to jump right into installing/playing Halo 2 Vista and already know your system can run the game without problems Minimum Specs: 2 GHz Pentium 4 Class Processor (or x64) 1GB of RAM Presumably DDR2 @ 600-1000MHz 7GB of hard drive space(the Dedicated Server and Map Editor require additional hard drive space) Nvidia 6100/ATI x700 video card or above DirectX® 9.0c or later Resources needed to play Halo 2 Vista: If you have any doubt at all about the safety and operation of software made available to you, do not download the software. (By following this guide I will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, breach of expressed or implied contract; loss of use, data or profits; business interruption; or damage to any equipment, software and/or data files) All files provided here have been virus scanned; however, for your own protection, you should scan these files again (as you should for any file downloaded from the internet.) CD Keys Games for Windows Live Client Halo 2 Vista Manual Update MF.dll (H2V won't work without this .dll, but you can find one from anywhere online. To help verify the integrity of this file, confirm it's only 4kb in size. It must be a H2V-specific MF.dll.) You also need the Halo 2 Client, which can be downloaded and installed in 2 different ways: Borrow a disc from a friend. Apply the MF.dll, and follow instructions to apply a CD key.(I personally haven't used this method and don't know how successful it is, so try it at your own discretion.) Disclaimer: I do not condone the use of illegal torrents or the sharing of copyrighted material, you assume all responsibility downloading any and all files. Acquire the Halo 2 Vista game files, follow standard installation, or follow given instructions.Apply the update, then the MF.dll file afterwards. Run Halo 2 Vista, close the prompt that asks for a CD key, skip through intro cinematics. You will be asked to login to XBL, login, and paste in a CD key from the list. If the CD key doesn't work, try another key, as it's probably already been used. XBL will work with your Gold or Silver account, you can do everything except send voice messages. If you need help, add me on twitter: @Roosterru Halo 2 Vista still has a decent-sized community, most of which play competitively. (10-50 online every day) Wired controllers work with Halo 2 Vista. If you don't play Default, or want to change your button layout and don't want to use a keyboard, I recommend Joy2Key (Once again, you assume all responsibilities when downloading files online.) If you have any questions, or liked my guide, leave a comment!
  19. So I was thinking... and if you think about it this whole forum is essentially the biggest #FirstWorldProblems of all time. I mean, nothing but page upon page upon page of text put in about complaints about what in the grand scheme of things are minor grievances. So, in the nature of Dersky optimism, but mostly just in the nature of curiosity, I'd like to pose the following question: What did halo 4 do right? What were the additions/ changes made in halo 4 that you feel need to stay in for halo 5? DOESN'T JUST HAVE TO BE ABOUT MECHANICS! I'll start: I think this game obviously looks incredible. It plays very, very smoothly too. Impact looks so goddamn amazing. traditional halo jumping height made a return- which is awesome. I personally like hitmarkers The sounds are fucking awesome. Every weapons is just great to hear. They were built from the ground up for this game. Weapon skins are a nice addition. Obviously I don't think anyone here really cares about this, and I'm probably just making myself sound like a complete noob by even voicing this, but I think a little aesthetic customization on your weapons is cool. hitscan. No more shitty online halo 3 BR. People may argue which is better for lan, but I don't think there can even be a question about which is better for online. Promethean weapons!! The lightrifle is a fantastic addition to the halo sandbox. Many people even wanted it as the primary competitive weapon. Boltshot is like a more skilled version of the mauler, although it definitely should not be given as a loadout option. Promethean nades too. And don't forget. Sarah Palmer. So without further ado, what would you like see added or subtracted from this list, and do you have anything else to say about what I have in it?
  20. Whats up Beyond Ent. CHL:Click Here For awhile now we have been working really hard to put together a different kind of competitive halo platform. Something that was almost like GameBattles or PGL but with more of a focus on community. What we have is CHL or Competitive Halo League. We just got done our first season of play and it went very well. We did a trial phase with around 20 teams and 100 free agents. For season 2 and beyond we are looking to expand. Starting with our own website soon enough, you can get more info right here. On that site you will see our old name (competitive reddit league) but all of our info. please ask any questions here, I will be glad to answer them. first, a few FAQ. 1. we are free entry. 2. two games per week are scheduled 3. we use divisions based on location 4. we have great prizes from Gamma Labs, Gunnar, & Scuf Gaming 5. we use 100% throwdown settings in current form (v4/v5/v6) again, please feel free to ask more. This post is to create awareness as we are opening up registration to new teams for season 2! thanks guys, theory. EDIT: to be really clear, this is designed to be a feeder league for teams looking to get into AGL or for teams looking for more practice for AGL.
  21. Hello, I'm looking for players who use mics, are competitive, communicate and play often. I am frustrated with going into games with people that don't have mics and play like noobs. I'm an average player, I'm looking to improve the skills i posses and hoping to eventually compete in tournaments. So if you're a veteran and feel like taking someone under your wing or another player like me and wanna grow together, add me on live. GT: Rezenmaster Thank you for considering it.
  22. Hello everyone, my name's BrutallyDigital. Just recently I have started a livestream on twitch, and also getting back into Twitter, and Youtube. I've been a subscribed to Beyond Entertainment for 3 months now, and I thought about getting back into making videos on Youtube, and try something new. I'm excited to meet some people on here and possibly becoming friends. If you would like to, You can follow/subscribe to my channels: Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/J19Brutous Twitter:https://twitter.com/BrutallyDigital Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/brutallydigital Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBrutallyDigital Again, I'm just getting started on a few things and turning it into a habit. I appreciate any feedback that I get from anyone who thinks that I can improve on something. Always room to improve.
  23. Hey everyone! Just wanted to say I am making a Halo 4 Global Championship Montage at the end of the five week qualifiers. It would be cool if anyone would wanna come check it out when Its all done. I will post here again when its finished. It will be uploaded to my Youtube. Its ZejiksVids if anyone wanna check out any of my other content. Thanks! Edit - The Montage is up now. Come check it out! I did really basic editing like always so I didn't take anything away from the game play. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oLlO7zlvig
  24. Just a area to Post your favorite Halo related Memes and Gifs
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