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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, been a minute. Not sure what the rules are on here in regards to "self promotion", but if this in violation, please feel free to take it down. Anyway, we've started streaming our local lans and I've been cutting and uploading the gameplays to my new YouTube page. If you're looking for some gameplays to keep you occupied during this shitstorm, come check us out at Twitch or you can check the VODs on YouTube We just had a big midwest lan at DynoMike's a couple weeks ago. I'm working on getting the better stuff uploaded to YouTube, but you can check out the full broadcast under the Twitch highlights. Hope you guys enjoy! Stay safe - wash your hands and keep away from MCC.
  2. In a couple of hours from now, Halo pro LegendPimps will be live streaming his Halo CE LAN. Right now, he's on XBC tearing it up with Mando but you'll see plenty of lan action later. http://www.twitch.tv/asklegend So far these players are confirmed for tonight : Legend (of course) 11 Legit Mando 117 McDick For those of you who are unaware, these are some amazing players. You guys know I never shut up about H1, well I wouldn't come close to beating any of these players if that helps put perspective on it. Some of you might have caught McDick early on at the Ogre 2 Halo CE Lan slapping everyone on live stream, and he became a chat favorite for sure. The lans taking place down in Florida, and although this is extremely unlikely, Walshy is in the area and Legend extended him an invite. Very slim chance of him showing up though. *Tweet the stream! Let's get some support for Halo CE! It's been a good year, and if we keep it up we're looking at a big tournament next year! It's too early to post the details and a lot has to get sorted, but there's a potential $10,000 Halo CE tournament in the works. I don't have that large of a say in deciding the details, but I helping put up prize money for hopefully a pro and amateur bracket.*
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