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Found 38 results

  1. Looking for 1 skillful player who can slay for days but also play support and objective when needed. Needs to know callouts and be available for practice daily. If interested, message/add me either on here or XBL. GT: tlanda3 Looking for 1 skillful player who can slay for days but also play support and objective when needed. Needs to know callouts and be available for practice daily. If interested, message/add me either on here or XBL. GT: tlanda3
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp6c119V8mc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmxtzQyOwgE My bro was messing with the settings and it glitched. Definitely not a mod. Nope. DL - http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/3caf49ee-34e1-465c-b983-a97174ee46d1 As always PLEASE be RESPECTFUL to the developers of the game and the community. Mod was made from scratch, not a hidden feature.
  3. There are many, many hardworking Halo commentators on YouTube. Sometimes I think that they don't get enough recognition for the great content they pump out. So here's my plan: Every so often, I'll write about one of my favorite Halo commentators. I'll post one of their videos as a little taste of what they have to offer. If you enjoy the video, liking it would be appreciated. If you didn't enjoy it, feel free to leave some constructive criticism on what they can do better. And if you think you might enjoy watching their videos in the future, by all means, subscribe as I have. - - - - - - - Today we're starting off with a very practiced uploader, BBKdragoon. BBK specializes in what he calls "Replay Reviews." He'll watch someone's PoV from any number of playlists, usually Team Throwdown, Infinity Slayer, or Rumble Pit, critiquing the players decision-making, positioning, and overall playstyle. Not all of us are perfect at Halo. In fact, no one is. The difference between a pro and a casual player is that the pro wants to improve. Dragoon can help you do just that; even if it's not your replay being shown, trust me, you can learn a lot from others' mistakes. And without further ado, the showcase: - - - - - - Here's a shorter video with five simple ways to improve: - - - - - - - I love how Dragoon combines helpful tips with a bit of humor (more like ridiculousness). If you enjoyed the content, you can subscribe here: youtube.com/user/bbkdragoon - - - I'll be back soon with more YouTube Shoutouts!
  4. Check out this new Halo 4 Montage trailer I just edited for a buddy of mine! Leave your feedback so I can grow with my editing skills and like the video if you enjoyed! Thanks!
  5. With the Xbox one, Ps4, Cod ghosts and etc being released what will halo 4s population drop to? Your Opinion?
  6. What's up guys, some of you here may know me, and some may not, so I'll introduce my self here first. My name is Patrick "SunShiine", and I've been a montage editor since early 2010. I've made many big montages that appeared on the old FBWalshyFTW youtube account, some featured on Bungie back in the day, and have tens of thousands of youtube views on some videos. But today I'm here to ask the community to submit clips for a community montage/funtage that I'm wanting to put together in the near future. I had the idea of making a purely Action Sack montage at first, but after much consideration I've tweaked my guidelines a bit. I'm wanting to make a fun feeling montage with good clips, unique clips, random fails/accidental clips, nice multikills, whatever. However, I don't want a lot of tryhard throwdown clips, huge multikills on noobs in Infinity, etc. Here are some guidelines and different types of clips I'd like to use for the video: -Action Sack Clips (MINUS LIGHTNING FLAG, Fiesta, Rock'n'Rail, Binary all acceptable) -Any clips from DLC maps (All War Games Map Pass maps) -Any clips from Ricochet and/or Pit/Vertigo -Fun clips (etc. Funny ninjas, betrayals, splatters, random cool clips, 2for1's, ricochet/bounce snipes off floor/walls/etc) -NO CLIPS FROM BTB (I'll make few exceptions depending on the clip) -ABSOLUTELY NO SWAT I mainly don't want clips from regular playlists or huge multis/tryhard clips unless they're cool/unique/funny/have a cool bit within them. Just want a fun, laidback, enjoyable video to create since Halo 4 is lacking in that department. I want to make a video that everyone will enjoy, and my goal is to get people who hate watching the game and H4 videos in general enjoy the video for the most part. I will leave all my contact info below, and you can send me XBL messages with fileshare slots, send me precapped clips, whatever. I'll be ultimately capping everything myself later on, and doing all the editing myself unless someone wants to do an edit collab/dual edit than just let me know. Thanks for your times boys and I hope to see some submissions! EDIT: I've been getting questions regarding the type of clip and amount of clips you can submit. Clips from nearly ANY playlist are good, except from BTB and SWAT specifically. The guidelines above are merely types of clips I'd LIKE to use and see, but I'm not limiting anyone as to playlist or type of clip. If you have a sick throwdown overkill, send it in. If you have a splatter killtac, send that in. I'm not picky, I just want unique clips that are different and fun to watch and give the video a nice feel. ALSO, send in as many clips as you'd like! I might not use all clips provided, but I won't turn you down based off the clips you provide. Contact: Youtube.com/DSxDesigns XBL : Hi Im SunShiine Email : [email protected] Skype : imSunShiine AIM : Im The SunShiine Twitter : @SunShiine_TLC
  7. Have team of 3 looking for 4th to attend AGL 10 if anyone can make it and would like to run so Throwdown and customs HMU GT: XxGuysmileyxX
  8. Here's an example of a dynamic loading screen that would change based on the situation (what is loading). On the right you have your top down view of the map, labelled with callouts. The bottom left would be random shots of the map with callout labels so you can visualize the different map areas (these would change every couple seconds). Lastly we have the glorious slow-rotating UNSC logo we've all come to love (well I'm sure there's someone who loves it...right?) Basically, adding info like this to a loading screen not only keeps them fresh but helps new players or even seasoned vets to learn new maps and their callouts much quicker. Credit goes to angrylettuce for the original idea. I made this one pretty quickly so don't mind any sloppy editing. It's really more for the general idea then the looks :P
  9. This is just an example of what the layout for Halo's pre-game lobby should really be. (Made it myself, so don't mind the sloppy editing) I would ideally like to see something like this for the next halo (notice the in-game ranks). Ps: also don't mind any inconsistencies like the Halo: Reach ranks and stuff like that :P
  10. Hey guys! I am new to the forums, I've actually never been on a Halo forum before. But this is pretty cool! Looking forward to interacting with you guys! - Spathik
  11. Hello to they Beyond Ent Community! Pumped that this site has been up and running for over a month. Disappointed I have been so busy that this is my first post. Excited to see where this site and the ever growing Halo community goes in the future. As a player since the CE days I am just happy that the community is still thriving. Let the good times rollllll Spell
  12. First Off we are both 14 and looking for players from age 13-15 who are very competetive, so if your under or above this age please dont respond. GT-Blurrance Alright guys to play with use you must know some basic fundementals -Callouts,Map Movement,Common Sense -A Mic, No Chasing Stupid Kills -Small Talk -A phone number to text to get online -Wants to attend AGLs and compete in PGL and GB So if your from the age of 13-15 please message Blurrance On XBL
  13. So I check the streams on teambeyond and under halo streams lately I've seen people like Maven, Formal, Lethul, etc. But they are all playing counter strike. Now I'm not sure if it is the streamer still has their twitch set to display playing halo 4 if beyond just always shows halo streamers or what but I think people could take the 5 seconds to rectify this.
  14. The terrible innovation that they included. Keep in mind I'm coming from a casuals and competitive point of view both. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1SKHJmg7HA
  15. I saw this video showing KoTH where it was 1sec in hill=1point no matter how many people you have in the hill. This was just recently shown at SDCC during a mini tourney casted by Bravo I don't know if this/when it will be implemented but I think more people should know about it and get it out there and hopefully we could see it return to competitive. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lKoBranYixQ
  16. This has happened before but now it just got annoying kinda shame this hasn't been fixed, annoying to hear just getting killed whilist screen is frozen due of the host migration/generating lightning lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpV2pPJGudQ
  17. Many people say that Team Throwdown v5 settings will have no sprint.But for this to work , there must be an increase in movement speed, I honestly do hope that is the case but I doubt that will happen. But im sure Gho57ayame knows what he's doing .
  18. 343 has made some good and some bad decisions . Extraction: Extraction is a great addition to halo, it is a very competitive and skill based Game Type.And I can easily say its one of my favorites. CTF: CTF is one of the most competitive Game Types available, it is used in all MLG event's.It is based on teamwork as well as individual skill.However, 343 has made a few bad decisions with Halo 4's CTF.eg. In ordinary CTF[not Team Throwdown] you can not return the flag but must wait 15-30,and why can you not drop the flag,as much as I like the Flagnum , it is not as competitive as any other Halo for that reason. But don't get me wrong I like CTF still <3 Oddball : 343 has made oddball very unique in Halo 4 compared to other Halo's, but they have now made it less competitive in the sense that you picked up the ball just by walking over it, it really screwed me over many times, but I do like the fact that you can throw the ball. I do think Halo 4 is a great game no matter its mistakes.
  19. First a short introduction, I am Kamori, I have been playing Halo competitively with my teammate Element for just over four years or so, and we have lots of LAN experience. We have traveled the states to small tournaments and placed well with last minute teams. We are very adaptable, and more importantly, extremely dedicated. Due to conflicts in schedules, we have left our most recent team, and have picked up our newest member Rudog, who has captured us with great skill, potential, and dedication. We are not looking for a "Free Agent" we are looking for a "Teammate" someone who has the drive and patience to develop our chemistry, teamwork, and skills to push onto the competitive scene in a noticeable fashion. A few factors we are looking for: 1) Dedication. First and foremost, dedication is the factor we are most interested in. We need someone who is willing to go on the "grind" and put in the consistent time to get where we need to be. I say consistent as us three can play most all day everyday, and are not looking for someone with an extremely busy family life, social life, or school/work life. We are tired of excuses as to why players are able to get on, and playing only a few hours a couple days a week. We aren't asking for 24/7 playtime, but honestly as close to it as possible. 2) Maturity. We don't want to waste our time on someone who isn't willing to listen, gets upset over the smallest details, or constantly whines when they don't get what they want. Element is our youngest player at 18, and we have all matured quickly and are annoyed with incompetence. (No extremely cocky players who believe they are the world's gift to Halo.) 3) Location. Due to the three of us being West Coast inhabitants (California, Washington, Colorado), we'd prefer someone within the GMT -5 or -4 timezone (Pacific or Mountain). This isn't as required for players who are always able to play, but it helps for LAN purposes (traveling costs). If you believe you are what we are looking for, send either me (Gt: Kamori 3) or Element (Gt: Element ya dig) a message or F/R and we will run games. Don't feel that just because we run games that you are automatically on the team, we know what we are looking for and will let you know if we think you have it. Thanks for your time, sorry for the long read, -Kamori
  20. A message to the ACL admins: While initially Halo fans from around the world felt neglected by the new developers of the franchise, the several months of added work and effort into Halo 4 made not only the gameplay bearable, but it made it fun. All the changes, fixes, patches and tuning are finally paying off. You can see this through the return of pros and the growth of the competitive community. Unfortunately, for those of us here in Australia, the competitive league that was founded on, through Halo, has given up on the game and hence dropped it from the 2013 circuit. While we understand that financially it was the best decision, we feel that Halo 4 wasn't given a proper goodbye considering the announcement's short notice. I'm sure players passionate enough about this game would happily represent their state by attending the LAN. Not only this, but with support from communities such as Beyond Entertainment and given that the event would be expected to be live streamed, we can guarantee a solid viewership and thus grant ACL more exposure, internationally. Considering that the tournament is of a relatively small scale, the prize money doesn't have to be amazing, i'm sure the opportunity to play the NEW Halo 4, on LAN, competitively, would suffice. Please consider this for ACL Sydney 2013 as, by then, the game will be at it's highest point (release of the champions bundle/new maps, new settings). It will allow for Halo 4 to be better recognised on a competitive level here in Australia, help ACL become more exposed around the world and most importantly give respect to the ACL Halo community and, in case it doesn't return at LAN events in 2014, allow the game to go out with a bang. General Information: The "ACL Halo 4 State of Origins LAN" will be a side tournament during the national finals for the circuit this year in Sydney. In order to acquire an even number of teams, I have included New Zealand as a state, making it an 8 team event. This tournament will be live streamed on the same Twitch account as Halo 4 was on during ACL Brisbane, considering League Of Legends - which replaced Halo - has it's own account. Because the majority of the players will be travelling to Sydney, the entry fee for the tournament will be $40 each, hence $160 for each team/state. The entry fee alone will accumulate $1280 and with the prize pool being 1K; 1st $500, 2nd $300 and 3rd $200. Though the profit is relatively low at this point, with the participation of sponsors, it could easily surpass $500. Not only this, but the live stream would maintain a strong viewership as long as there are no big events colliding on the same weekend (like the Brisbane LAN which only peaked 60 viewers because of the first AGL event), allowing you to play commercials in exchange for small contributions to the prize pool (for example SquidGrip commercials during UMG live streams). This event would be advertised very well with the help from the competitive community in the US, for example, you could ask Beyond Entertainment to do a video about it and put it on the front page of their website. Ogre 1, the former MLG pro, who lives here in Australia, could also advertise this through his Twitter - or even participate. The possibilities, advertising wise, are endless, hence the amount of exposure for the ACL Pro Circuit and it's sponsors are endless. The players representing each state, territory and New Zealand would be chosen online depending on whether or not they can make it to the event. If casters are available for Halo, and are dedicated enough, each game would include commentary for at least half of it, easing into a listen-in segment (giving the casters a break and the audience the opportunity to listen to each teams communication). In regards to the season points appointed to those attending this LAN: I feel, despite many teams not living in the same state, that participation in this event, while minor, should contribute to their teams over all stats/score but only by 1/4 of the overall state team's score. This would be a great bonus for teams which haven't done as best as they could have during online rounds and be an extra incentive to participate in the event, even if they don't place in the top 3. In order to support ACL, support us, I hope we can donate money or prizes (such as avatar or xbox live codes, which you could use to do giveaways in the streams chat or at the actual event). Teams/Players: WA (Western Australia): - - - - TAS (Tasmania): - - - - NSW (New South Wales): - - - - SA (South Australia): - - - - NT (Northern Territory): - - - - QLD (Queensland): - Ur Lunchbox - - - VIC (Victoria): - TopLeaf - Stolen Ability - - NZ (New Zealand): - - - - How the tournament will be ran (double elimination, randomised seeds): http://challonge.com/tournaments/bracket_generator?ref=vk6DT7izC0 Show your support for the ACL H4: State of Origins 1K LAN by commenting on this topic, seeing if you can compete, donating to ACL (whether it be money or game/avatar/xbox live codes) spreading the word in any way you can and signing the petition below. Sign our petition to run this event: https://www.change.org/petitions/australian-cyber-league-acl-to-hold-a-halo-4-state-of-origins-1k-lan Note: Please put into account that this is all open to change, I just hope the ACL admins consider this and realise the opportunities accustomed to a tournament of this nature, for a game with a community thats this close-knit and the fact that the amount of events being held for Halo internationally will slow down when ACL Sydney is being planned.
  21. Firstly, to introduce myself, I've been playing Halo since Halo 2 and quit when Halo 4 dropped because of the lack of competition in the community. 343i has given it new light in the recent months and theres been a lot of effort to rebuild and expand the competitive halo community. I recently started playing Halo again and I actually enjoy the gameplay again. My friend and I are looking for Top 10 clips of Halo and League of Legends to start our channel. Again, it is a new channel and there are plenty Youtube channels that do this, but we want to give it a shot. If you have any clips you'd like to submit shoot me an email @ [email protected] or hit me up on xbox @ GT: Dark Restraint. Thank you to everyone who contributes, we really need a community to help us out.
  22. Hey there guys I remember reading a thread in the Topmid forums a few weeks ago made by Fragby (here is the link the the forum - http://www.topmid.eu/forum/topic/8298-halo-4s-skill-gap/ ). Now in his post he mentions some pretty obvious points regarding how small the skill gap has become due to things like no descoping, or no competition (due to the lack of a high population). These are definite issues, and unfortunately the descope thing will not be solved and the population still seems to be declining. However, I think that the skill gap has seen an increase since the launch of Halo 4 , and I can almost guarantee that the more developer support the game gets, the more competitive it will become. The point of this topic is to ask you what areas do you think the game can increase its skill gap? I think that regular matchmaking (like infinity slayer) should have a more team throwdown setting with regards to ordnance drops (where the ordnance drops are static (for example, it will always offer a needler, scattershot, overshield). Obviously no ordnance would be better, but for the sake of the casuals, try and keep it in their 'realm',
  23. Looking to set and compete in Halo 4 tournaments both online And LAN tournaments been to 2 pervious tournaments placed top 20 and top 16 All members of my team left due to life, (marriage, work, kid, so on) If interested message me on XBL GT:XxGuysmileyxX Looking for serious players with a laid back attitude Also have extra equipment for tournaments if you don't (mixamp, steelseries headsets, wired controllers) Also have capture card for team montages to be placed once team is set
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