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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone, my names Vexaerium, you can call me Vex. I'm a competitive gamer, trying everyday to improve, and always looking to get better. I'm a Free agent, looking for a team, preferably an online team, PGL etc. I don't have the means to travel just yet for events. I'm on daily, if anyone is interested in playing. I'm a pretty good player. But always room for improvement, and advice. But anyways, hope to meet more players like myself. My GT is: Vexaerium. Feel free to add.
  2. Hey guys, we're a Semi-Pro team looking for a 4th for AGL 10. We placed Top 24 at AGL 7 to obtain Semi Status. We're looking to get Top 16 to obtain Pro status. Looking for a Main Slayer that can play OBJ and has a good snipe. MSG me on XBL if interested: Schlegel v2
  3. Name: John Arreaga Gamertag: Luminite Shadow Age: 15 Where do I live: Miami, Fl Bio: To2 will be doing Online Tournaments and Going to AGL Events for the Winter and Summer seasons. Time I am on(Summer): All day Time I am on(School time): No Weekdays. I am on eveyweekend for the whole day. Time: EST Team Name: Next Generation Since when did I start Competitive Halo: 2009 If you are interested in join the team, add me on xbox. Luminite Shadow Teamates: Luminite Shadow, xNotLuckx
  4. First a short introduction, I am Kamori, I have been playing Halo competitively with my teammate Element for just over four years or so, and we have lots of LAN experience. We have traveled the states to small tournaments and placed well with last minute teams. We are very adaptable, and more importantly, extremely dedicated. Due to conflicts in schedules, we have left our most recent team, and have picked up our newest member Rudog, who has captured us with great skill, potential, and dedication. We are not looking for a "Free Agent" we are looking for a "Teammate" someone who has the drive and patience to develop our chemistry, teamwork, and skills to push onto the competitive scene in a noticeable fashion. A few factors we are looking for: 1) Dedication. First and foremost, dedication is the factor we are most interested in. We need someone who is willing to go on the "grind" and put in the consistent time to get where we need to be. I say consistent as us three can play most all day everyday, and are not looking for someone with an extremely busy family life, social life, or school/work life. We are tired of excuses as to why players are able to get on, and playing only a few hours a couple days a week. We aren't asking for 24/7 playtime, but honestly as close to it as possible. 2) Maturity. We don't want to waste our time on someone who isn't willing to listen, gets upset over the smallest details, or constantly whines when they don't get what they want. Element is our youngest player at 18, and we have all matured quickly and are annoyed with incompetence. (No extremely cocky players who believe they are the world's gift to Halo.) 3) Location. Due to the three of us being West Coast inhabitants (California, Washington, Colorado), we'd prefer someone within the GMT -5 or -4 timezone (Pacific or Mountain). This isn't as required for players who are always able to play, but it helps for LAN purposes (traveling costs). If you believe you are what we are looking for, send either me (Gt: Kamori 3) or Element (Gt: Element ya dig) a message or F/R and we will run games. Don't feel that just because we run games that you are automatically on the team, we know what we are looking for and will let you know if we think you have it. Thanks for your time, sorry for the long read, -Kamori
  5. Delete, my professor screwed me over cant go
  6. Our 4th might not be able to make it to UMG. We would like to run games with some good F/A's ASAP. Please msg my gamertag to scrim with us. GT- Lindsay Bunny team is: Ranked, Sloppy, Lindsay Bunny
  7. Hey everyone! My name is Zejik! I have been around the block since Halo CE, I have competed in multiple Halo 2 Lan's here in Nebraska, back in the day. Some bad things happened around when Halo 3 released. So I didn't have the chance to try, and compete in it. Now I am looking for a Team for Halo 4. I wanna get back in the competitive scene. I am a very good player. I don't communicate a lot. But when I do it's the important thing's you wanna hear. That's just who I am as a player. Quiet, but deadly. Ready to win no matter what. Also I know I am not without my faults. Every player has things they have to work on. I'm not afraid to admit my problems. So yea that's it for that. I have no problem Traveling to events. Also would like to find a good team for PGL match's, and Tourneys. If you need to contact me. This is how you can. GT - Zejik Twitter @ Zejik Youtube.com/ZejiksVids Thanks Everyone!
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