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Found 2 results

  1. Here's an example of a dynamic loading screen that would change based on the situation (what is loading). On the right you have your top down view of the map, labelled with callouts. The bottom left would be random shots of the map with callout labels so you can visualize the different map areas (these would change every couple seconds). Lastly we have the glorious slow-rotating UNSC logo we've all come to love (well I'm sure there's someone who loves it...right?) Basically, adding info like this to a loading screen not only keeps them fresh but helps new players or even seasoned vets to learn new maps and their callouts much quicker. Credit goes to angrylettuce for the original idea. I made this one pretty quickly so don't mind any sloppy editing. It's really more for the general idea then the looks :P
  2. Just to tell you guys right off the bat, I'm not that great of a player. I started playing Halo 2 years ago, and my skill at the game has increased exponentially since I got into the competitive side of it, 3 months ago. I can 4sk people, make callouts, predict spawns, all the stuff that a good throwdown player can do, and I always drop positive numbers in throwdown. I know I have some good natural talent at this game, but I need some well experienced players to learn from so that I can really start playing this game to the fullest. Here's so Pros + Cons of my gameplay. Pros: Mature Very Eager to play and learn Doesn't rage or complain (in general) Decent communication Great Spirit Moments of Great Shot and Execution Knows all Callouts Young (16) and has relatively open schedule for play Knows what he can/can't do Disciplined Average Connection Cons: Very little custom 8's experience Inconsistent Shot and Strafe Mediocre Sniper Little knowledge of Major and Minor Positioning Poor Grenade Positioning Lacks General Execution of Objectives I'm not exactly asking to get picked up by a team (especially not one that goes to LAN's), but I really want a group of 3 players to play with consistently that I can learn to play a Support player with. I guess you could consider spending time with me an investment, as I know that I have the ability to get very very good at this game considering I've made leaps and bounds of play since I started playing a very little time ago. Send me the Friend Requests guys. Make sure to indicate that you saw this post or I won't accept your FR. GT: IL DEXTEROUS LI EDIT: Lol, by "Halo 2 years ago" I mean "Halo" "2 years ago." Not "Halo 2" "years ago."
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