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Found 24 results

  1. looking for 4th for AGL MI... we have 100 AGL points and looking for a skilled/dedicated 4th teammate, if interested msg Acearoni, COLO55AL, or Spaznox
  2. I know that basically everything that you have xbox related has to be wired. But, what about the controller? What would be the best controller to use that is allowed? So far I'm looking at This as my go to controller. Would it be allowed, or should I look for another controller? Edit: The reason why I ask because I'm new to the whole LAN scene. And AGL 10 is an hour away where I live.
  3. I am Stryker and have been gaming for most of my life. I started playing halo when I was like 9 years old which started with halo1, and I am now 20 years old. I have been playing the game ever since and have always enjoyed it very much. I have competed at multiple events, and below are my placing's. My Halo Placing's Consist of: Halo 2 - 07 Meadowlands - Losers Rd7 Teams - LOA / 25th FFA Halo 2 - 07 Dallas - Top 32 Teams - LOA Wu Tang Financial / 18th FFA Halo 2 - 07 Chicago - 17th Teams - LOA Wu Tang Financial / Losers RD7 FFA Halo 4 - AGL4 New Jersey - Event Winner 1st Place - Team Faded Halo 4 - AGL5 Nashville - Top 12 - Team Faded Halo 4 - AGL6 Pittsburgh - Top 8 - Team Faded I have also competed at local LAN's and have won multiples. I currently have an invite to the #Halo4GC finals in Seattle, but due to financial issues I will not be able to make it. If anyone knows of a sponsor who would like to help get me there please send any inquiries to [email protected] . Thank you! Make sure to check out my Youtube http://www.youtube.com/TeamFadedHalo4 . Also make sure to follow me on twitter @StrykersFADED @FADED_H4 I do follow back! -Stryker
  4. Hey everyone who still plays this game… We’re on the hunt for a player for AGL Indianapolis in early November. If you’re interested and fit the qualities specified below, you’re more than welcome to add or message me (especially if friends list is full) on my gamertag: “KinetiKzZz” But before you figure out what we’re looking for, why not get to know us a little bit to see if you’re interested… -------------------------------------- Our Current Roster: We are a team of 3 from Indiana and Arizona. The 2 players from Indiana are at Purdue University and have been a team of 2 for 3 years now. We’ve got some experience under our belts going from 20-30 tournament wins a piece that are NOT MLG events and AGL events. 4v4s, 2v2, and FFAs, totaling to a little over $10,000 in winnings. I can give more details if necessary – messaging me is a good idea if you’d like to talk about anything ^_^ We have 5 and 6 MLG event experiences placing at top 32 area as well as 1 AGL event under our belt. We’ve had multiple sponsors, full ride and all Currently are on the hunt to get some sponsors and have some lined up, but they’d like to see some progress from the team from things before start rolling into motion. If there are any other questions that you have about us as individuals, experience, or how we are as a team etc…lemme know We will not be needing a hotel, and are going to be searching for the sponsors to pay for the entry fee, and preferably the plane ticket necessary for our Arizona player as well as YOU! (if necessary)…otherwise, we’ll see what comes up. Our current sponsors don’t pay for too much and we only have 2, but I do believe we have team shirts currently ready to go. ------------------------------------------------------------ What we’re looking for: 1 player ! We’re looking for a selfless player that understands it isn’t about K/D or showing off. Knowing that the win at the end of the game is all that matters. Knowing that they do not have to have every power weapon in the game in their hand when it could be more useful in a different teammates, etc. We aren’t looking to mess around with people who aren’t experienced at around our level or above. So if you don’t have decent experience at an AGL or MLG event and proof of it, multiple, not just one event, then I apologize ahead of time, but no need to continue on reading from here unfortunately. With this said, I shouldn’t tell you what type of player we are looking for or what we need … you should understand how to play at a high end level already. All high end competitive level gaming isn’t personal skill. At this level, you should be able to never miss a shot, etc.etc.etc… The difference is teamwork, awareness, and mentality. If you have a shit attitude, you’re out of the question already. We currently have a pretty aggressive OBJ player, as well as a slayer, and an in-betweener. So we can allow anything to fit at this point, but “roles” shouldn’t be something to have to talk about. Again, if you’re interested go ahead and add me or message me if full at my gametrag: “KinetiKzZz” We’d like to finish trying people out and deciding on a definite 4th ASAP to get as much practice and team chemistry built up as much as possible, especially to go ahead and get sponsorships under control as well. Any questions, feel free to post or message me! Thanks <3
  5. Have team of 3 looking for 4th to attend AGL 10 if anyone can make it and would like to run so Throwdown and customs HMU GT: XxGuysmileyxX
  6. So many people are well aware of issues of twitch chats. Lots of people handle themselves in a fairly immature or inappropriate manner. But there is another problem I think that contributes to these problems and that is bad moderators in chats. Mods should conduct themselves in a professional manner. And many of them do a great job, they promote the streamer and they ban spammers quickly. But some mods abuse the power given them. Often times they will threaten people with timeouts if they disagree over whatever the topic may be, they ban people they don't personally get along with, or they talk in a demeaning way to other viewers. If people can't be polite and positive they really should just close the chat window and leave those trying to chat alone. I saw it today for example, in AGL's stream where mods were bashing on the AGL tournament. The streamer puts a level of trust in his or her mods. And when a moderator abuses the power given them it reflects badly on the Halo community as a whole and detracts from the joy of the viewers. When people tell other people in chats things like 'go kill yourself' it really is just uncalled for. And a lot of people say "well it is a twitch chat what do you expect"? Or "it is just a chat who cares"? But this view doesn't get anyone anywhere. People need to be respectful of other's views. Let's not take a step backwards when Halo as a whole is still trying to move forwards. Keep Calm. Stay Dersky.
  7. INSIDE AGL BROADCAST: http://www.twitch.tv/arenagamingleague/b/441915886 INSIDE AGL RECAP: AGL 10 is staying in Sturgis. Will be held in a large Ballroom, instead of a LAN center. Closest airport will be 40 minutes away, but shuttles will be running to and from the venue to the Kalamazoo airport for $20. Passes will be on sale on August 13th. Full passes will cover both 4v4 and 2v2. V5 and Pitfall will officially be at AGL 10. Walshy may be casting, and Ghost will officially be there. 10k viewers and :ghost: will take off his hat on stream. Stream layout is being improved. Gameplay screen will be bigger. Monstercat will officially be providing music for AGL. Follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/Monstercat Off Topic: Also make sure to RT for No Sprint or Fav for sprint. One random fav or RT will win a $75 Scuff code. https://twitter.com/ArenaGaming_/status/364934846541348866 (RT for NS) More AGL 10 Info http://www.arenagaming.us/wp/ai1ec_event/agl10/?instance_id=419
  8. https://twitter.com/OhConnorWhite/status/364544000843190272 https://twitter.com/ArenaGaming_/status/364550575112732673 (credit to Cyren ) Giggle Monster will also be donating $1.4k-$2k if it is moved back to Knoxville: https://twitter.com/OhConnorWhite/status/364551938391552002 It's not official, but if you are planning on going to AGL 10 Sturgis, you should keep an eye on AGL's twitter. Edit: Couldn't embed the tweet for some reason, so I linked it
  9. First Off we are both 14 and looking for players from age 13-15 who are very competetive, so if your under or above this age please dont respond. GT-Blurrance Alright guys to play with use you must know some basic fundementals -Callouts,Map Movement,Common Sense -A Mic, No Chasing Stupid Kills -Small Talk -A phone number to text to get online -Wants to attend AGLs and compete in PGL and GB So if your from the age of 13-15 please message Blurrance On XBL
  10. Name: John Arreaga Gamertag: Luminite Shadow Age: 15 Where do I live: Miami, Fl Bio: To2 will be doing Online Tournaments and Going to AGL Events for the Winter and Summer seasons. Time I am on(Summer): All day Time I am on(School time): No Weekdays. I am on eveyweekend for the whole day. Time: EST Team Name: Next Generation Since when did I start Competitive Halo: 2009 If you are interested in join the team, add me on xbox. Luminite Shadow Teamates: Luminite Shadow, xNotLuckx
  11. Hey everyone, After the last AGL montage, there seemed to be a lack of gameplay/general clips in there. So I thought as a community we could go through some rebroadcasts and find clips for the next one, to help them make a great event montage So heres what to post: Sick clips and clutch plays/chokes Funny moments from the commentators Funny facecam moments (like the Ola one from last event) Try to format like this: Link to specific broadcast; Time of Clip; Short description Example: http://www.twitch.tv/arenagamingleague/b/433871678; 6:10:00 Dersky runs in the tournament winning flag while Ace gets a triple All the rebroadcasts can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/arenagamingleague/profile/pastBroadcasts Lets try to help AGL make a great montage from a fantastic tournament Thanks, Heathen
  12. First a short introduction, I am Kamori, I have been playing Halo competitively with my teammate Element for just over four years or so, and we have lots of LAN experience. We have traveled the states to small tournaments and placed well with last minute teams. We are very adaptable, and more importantly, extremely dedicated. Due to conflicts in schedules, we have left our most recent team, and have picked up our newest member Rudog, who has captured us with great skill, potential, and dedication. We are not looking for a "Free Agent" we are looking for a "Teammate" someone who has the drive and patience to develop our chemistry, teamwork, and skills to push onto the competitive scene in a noticeable fashion. A few factors we are looking for: 1) Dedication. First and foremost, dedication is the factor we are most interested in. We need someone who is willing to go on the "grind" and put in the consistent time to get where we need to be. I say consistent as us three can play most all day everyday, and are not looking for someone with an extremely busy family life, social life, or school/work life. We are tired of excuses as to why players are able to get on, and playing only a few hours a couple days a week. We aren't asking for 24/7 playtime, but honestly as close to it as possible. 2) Maturity. We don't want to waste our time on someone who isn't willing to listen, gets upset over the smallest details, or constantly whines when they don't get what they want. Element is our youngest player at 18, and we have all matured quickly and are annoyed with incompetence. (No extremely cocky players who believe they are the world's gift to Halo.) 3) Location. Due to the three of us being West Coast inhabitants (California, Washington, Colorado), we'd prefer someone within the GMT -5 or -4 timezone (Pacific or Mountain). This isn't as required for players who are always able to play, but it helps for LAN purposes (traveling costs). If you believe you are what we are looking for, send either me (Gt: Kamori 3) or Element (Gt: Element ya dig) a message or F/R and we will run games. Don't feel that just because we run games that you are automatically on the team, we know what we are looking for and will let you know if we think you have it. Thanks for your time, sorry for the long read, -Kamori
  13. Looking to set and compete in Halo 4 tournaments both online And LAN tournaments been to 2 pervious tournaments placed top 20 and top 16 All members of my team left due to life, (marriage, work, kid, so on) If interested message me on XBL GT:XxGuysmileyxX Looking for serious players with a laid back attitude Also have extra equipment for tournaments if you don't (mixamp, steelseries headsets, wired controllers) Also have capture card for team montages to be placed once team is set
  14. Hey guys, We are looking for a dedicated fourth for our team. We practice every day, whether that is running customs or searching the 'Team Throwdown' playlist. Our Gamertags: Burgerweiner 7 XxCOACHxX STRETCH F12 Feel free to send any of us message. Try sending Burgerweiner 7 a message first. Don't send me a friend request yet, because I have a full list. I will obviously remove someone when we play together. Please serious inquiries only. Please have a car/some form of transportation to get to the event. Please be over 18 years of age too. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thanks guys. Supporting Halo.
  15. Hey everyone! I was a free agent looking for a team, but decided that I can no longer play like I use to since my eye sight has gotten so bad. So I am becoming a coach for any teams that need one for AGL events. I know spawns, weapon timing, and can come up with amazing strategies on the spot. I am care free, easy going, so don't worry about me being a know it all. I need your feedback as a player to help me get better, so I can help you get better. You can contact me at any of the following places. Twitter @ Zejik Xbox Live GT - Zejik Youtube.com/ZejiksVids For some extra info on me as a player. I wen't to many Halo 2 lan's. I had around 23 day's in online time for Halo 2 I had over 80 days In Halo 3 Halo Reach somewhere in the 30's to 50's. Halo 4 - Around 20 Well that's It!
  16. I saw when they released all the locations at the beginning of the year that seattle was one of them. Last time seattle had a tourny was MLG Seattle 05. So i havnt heard anything about it since. Did it get canceled? And if so, does anyone know why?
  17. Interesting topic IMO, and I've never seen this topic before, so why not start it. Me myself I try to base my gameplay around Ogre 2, because I do whatever it takes to win, because at the end of the day ( :ghost: ), that's all that matters right? ^_^ So how about the rest of you?
  18. anybody looking for any type of scrims, 4v4, 3v3, 2v2, 1v1 just post here with your gt and wait for the invites/msgs!
  19. Looking for Players to Start a Team Throwdown Team. Just Cant play this game and have fun anymore without a team, XBL GT: iSniper4Hire.
  20. Hey everybody! I want to to get a demographic on where everyone would like to see an AGL event sometime in the future. Right now, no events have been confirmed outside of AGL 7 at Battlefield Knoxville, which is in Tennessee of course. I don't work for AGL, but I would love to find out which cities and states have the most demand for a future AGL event. I will present it to Brad if I get enough answers. Thanks! What city and state would you like to see an AGL event at?
  21. State. Rhode Island Tag. SloPPY KiSS 1.72 KD w/11500 kills and 3800 assists Played semi competitively in Halo 3; local tournaments and GameBattles at the time. Looking for a team for premades, customs, and LAN events. Send a message, friend request, reply to this ..whatever your heart desires. Can fit any role, on any team, with whatever type of players; lets make money!
  22. Hey everyone! My name is Zejik! I have been around the block since Halo CE, I have competed in multiple Halo 2 Lan's here in Nebraska, back in the day. Some bad things happened around when Halo 3 released. So I didn't have the chance to try, and compete in it. Now I am looking for a Team for Halo 4. I wanna get back in the competitive scene. I am a very good player. I don't communicate a lot. But when I do it's the important thing's you wanna hear. That's just who I am as a player. Quiet, but deadly. Ready to win no matter what. Also I know I am not without my faults. Every player has things they have to work on. I'm not afraid to admit my problems. So yea that's it for that. I have no problem Traveling to events. Also would like to find a good team for PGL match's, and Tourneys. If you need to contact me. This is how you can. GT - Zejik Twitter @ Zejik Youtube.com/ZejiksVids Thanks Everyone!
  23. 1v1s are so fun why don't we have a 1v1 Playlists?
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