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Found 7 results

  1. Hello I’m looking for sweaty player to run with on halo 5 or MCC looking to get into halo comp my gamer tag is Emper0r Bandz
  2. With the Xbox one, Ps4, Cod ghosts and etc being released what will halo 4s population drop to? Your Opinion?
  3. So with the Xbone it's rumored that 32v32 multiplayer will be possible. That coupled with the fact that within the current Halo 4 casual audience BTB is the most popular playlist, what do you think the chances are that bigger teams with vehicles and such becomes a standard competitve format for future Halo titles? I'm not by any means suggesting it replace 4v4, but be more of an alternative such as 2v2. Is it possible to make truely competitive 8v8 settings on par with what we have for 4v4? if so what would they be? How would they be different? If such settings were developed, would it be possible that the current Halo 4 casual audience may be more inclined to watch a competitive BTB event over a 4v4? Would you watch a competitve 8v8 tournament? test the water with an AGL event? perhaps just a side event like the allstar matches? Highest seed teamed with lowest seed and so on (Idunno :P)? Halo 4 Global Battle? Imagine? ..but seriously what are ya'lls thoughts?
  4. So as you guys know, the Xbox One will have the Twitch.tv application and you will be able to broadcast directly from your Xbox One. Am I the only one who's extremely psyched?! I cannot wait to get the Xbox One and start streaming. The broadcasting option is one of the reasons the Xbox One really won me over and strayed me away from the PS4. But what do you guys think? Are you guys going to be live streaming often? - Spathik
  5. http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/06/27/xbox-360-headsets-may-work-with-xbox-one I think we all saw this coming, but it's good news never the less to hear it confirmed
  6. What are peoples thoughts on Twitch teaming up with Xbox one? Do we think it will kill the live streaming community due to a new Halo in 2014? (To many people streaming not enough viewers) Or only invoke more people to play and stream? I think that a lot of good players and good commentators might get lost in the fray of people starting to stream, however i think it will get a lot more people into the community. Do you think there will be a cost? Would you have to be turbo?
  7. So it looks like we might be seeing both a Halo 5 trailer and a Spartan assault trailer at E3.. Looks like they'll be using these to sell the Xbox One's
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