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Found 3 results

  1. Name: John Arreaga Gamertag: Luminite Shadow Age: 15 Where do I live: Miami, Fl Bio: To2 will be doing Online Tournaments and Going to AGL Events for the Winter and Summer seasons. Time I am on(Summer): All day Time I am on(School time): No Weekdays. I am on eveyweekend for the whole day. Time: EST Team Name: Next Generation Since when did I start Competitive Halo: 2009 If you are interested in join the team, add me on xbox. Luminite Shadow Teamates: Luminite Shadow, xNotLuckx
  2. Hey guys, So myself and my teammate since the beginning of h3 ( FedEx) are looking to get back into the swing of things and start playing competitively again. Pretty much lost most of the people that we play with over the years due to not playing, so if you would like to run games message me on Xbox Live, or if we used to play back in the day you could add me as well. Serious offers only, myself and Hoesma definitely have people that could vouch for us skill-wise (yeah, we were the online all-stars in the H3 days). So if you play alot and considered yourself talented and are fairly known in the community definetly send me a message on Xbox Live Thanks, Mike Current GT: RRaider PA Teammates GT: Delco Fedex
  3. Hey guys, we are looking for 2 people for UMG. We already have a team pass and hotel booked! Please message my gamer tag- Lindsay Bunny or mention me on twitter @LindsayBunny if you want to run games asap! (My old gamer tag was xo Bunny, I recently changed it.)
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